Tuesday, November 25, 2014

HvS ART | Blog Reader Wins Auction for HvS Self-Portrait

Earlier this month we posted on this blog site the Whyte's Auction catalog item at left, a painting by Hilda van Stockum, HRHA (Honorary Fellow of the Royal Hibernian Academy in Dublin).

The winning bidder at the auction learned of the availability of the painting through that blogpost. The winning price was within the range set by Whyte's, so the auction house knows its market.

HvS art is primarily auctioned in Dublin and primarily by Whyte's. HvS is considered an Irish artist. A record of Hilda van Stockum's auctioned art is kept by AskART; her artist number is 133397. Subscribers (for a fee) to AskART have access to prices. 

Of course, the best of HvS art does not often come onto the auction market. It is retained by families or in museums (like Dublin's National Academy of Art, which has two HvS portraits of Evie Hone in its collection). The likely time for art to come onto the market is upon the death of an owner of her art. Estates often must sell some share of marketable objects to pay legal and accounting fees, taxes, and inheritances where individuals cannot store or do not want any of the decedent's belongings.

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