Thursday, November 23, 2017


L to R: Hilda van Stockum and
Henriette van Marle.
I ran across this photo of Hilda van Stockum, looks like Ireland, probably Blackrock or Dalkey.

Brigid just reported back to me who it is standing next to  HvS:
That's my cousin Henriette van Marle! It could be Dublin. She visited us there when we were teenagers. I was 15 and she was 19 or 20. I wrote about her in my book, A Meaning for DannyWe were great friends when we were in Holland after the war. I was 11 and she was 16. 
Yes, I remember that summer. We were at De Leemk├╝le in Hattem, near Tante Hessie [van Hall] and her Kolkhuis. It was a holiday camp in the woods, with common cooking facilities and little cabins.

Brigid reminded me that Henriette's mother and sister traded names within the family. Hilda Boissevain de Booy and Olga Boissevain van Stockum were the middle two of daughters of Charles and Emily Boissevain. Charles was the editor of the Algemeen Handelsblad, now the nrcHandelsblad
Henriette's older sister was called Hilda and her Mother was called Olga. This Olga /Hilda exchange was started by our granny Olga, and our great-aunt Hilda Boissevain [de Booy]. They agreed to name their daughters after each other. Their daughters did the same. The tradition stopped then because our Olga didn't have kids, I didn't have a girl, and Sheila gave her girls Irish first names to go with their O'Neill surname.
This an opportunity to provide an update on family news:
  • My sister Sheila Marlin O'Neill, sadly, died in September, a month before her 78th birthday. Her funeral in England was last month.
  • HvS's cousin Tom de Booy (son of Hilda and Han de Booy) recently died at 93. Our cousin Charles Boissevain is writing Tom's obituary for the nrcHandelsblad.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

WINDMILLS UPDATED | Let the Turbines Spin, by Alice Tepper Marlin

The daughter-in-law of Hilda van Stockum updates the story of The Winged Watchman by showing how windmills can create energy in new ways. 

The largest U.S. array of new windmills in the ocean is being planned for the end of Long Island.

Let the Turbines Spin by Alice Tepper Marlin | The East Hampton Star