Monday, April 27, 2015

HvS KIN | Family Websites and Blogs

Hilda van Stockum in 1932, the year she married
my father in Dublin.
Since my mother Hilda van Stockum died, I have been trying to keep alive her memory and her many books for children. Along the way I have been doing research on her family. In this post I am providing a tour d'horizon of the various purposes of the different websites and blogs.

Hilda van Stockum and Her Books

The oldest website is This website was created in 2006. The last content was added in 2007. It is meant to be an extended memory of her life and remembrances at the time of her death. Updates are here on this blogsite -

I am promoting her books at the website and the blogsite

More broadly, I write about authors and illustrators of children's books at

The Boissevain Family

The website is updated irregularly and includes a great deal of information about my mother's Dutch family. Updates are more regularly posted about the families of my mother and grandmother (Olga Boissevain) on two sites: focuses on Inez Milholland Boissevain, who married my grandmother's brother Eugen Boissevain. It focuses on the lives of Eugen and his two wives, Inez and Edna St. Vincent Millay, and related woman suffrage issues. I have posted there recently. covers the Boissevain family. I have recently been writing about their active roles fighting Hitler in the Dutch Resistance. I have been posting here a lot recently. Plans are afoot for a Boissevain Family Reunion in the spring of 2016. Stay tuned. Please comment on my blogs or send me an email - THANKS!!