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HvS ART | NYC Collection–Tepper Marlins

"Apples, Eggs, Daisies" c. 1960.
Oil on board, 20"x26". NFS.
The following inventory of HvS art at our home in New York City is being posted for the following reasons:

1. An Inventory Is Step 1 to a Catalog.  HvS art needs a catalog. The First step is to be inventoried. 

2. A Posted Inventory Extends the Market for HvS Art. By adding, bit bit, over time, reproductions of art in each family's collection, the location of HvS art is established and prices are more readily established. At the moment, HvS art is primarily auctioned in Dublin. HvS is considered an Irish artist. Prices of Hilda van Stockum's auctioned art are listed by AskART; her artist number is 133397. Of course, usually the best art is retained by families or in museums (like Dublin's National Academy of Art, which has two HvS portraits of Evie Hone in its collection) and is not in the marketplace.

"Elisabeth", Geneva.
Oil on Board, c. 1963.
12"x14" NFS
3. An Inventory Defines the Market for Licensing of HvS Art Reproduction. The right to reproduce art for commercial purposes remains with the estate of the artist for 70 years after the artist's death. Rights to reproduce any HvS artwork remain with the estate until 2076. The licensing of the use of HvS art is the responsibility of the Executor, i.e., John Tepper Marlin. This responsibility has been assigned to Boissevain Books LLC, on behalf of the family. Sheila O'Neill is an agent of Boissevain Books in the UK and Kate Bini in the United States and Canada. Phone us at (+1)646-250-4915 or email at teppermarlin(at)aol(dot)com.

4. It Could Help Sustain Boissevain Books.  When artwork is sold through Boissevain Books, half is retained by Boissevain Books and half is payable to the seller; this helps to support the work of Boissevain Books in keeping the interest in HvS's writing and art alive. When rights are sold by Boissevain Books, half the revenue is payable to the owner of the rights. In the case of HvS rights, Boissevain Books is already the owner of record.
"French Canal", c. 1955.
Oil on Board, 12"x19". MAO

The art below is captioned with size (interior, not including the frame), media and an indication if it is for sale. In principle, my own feeling is that all artwork should be for sale, so that it ends up in the place where it is valued most highly. However, sale of art is a family decision and the NFS (Not For Sale) note means that the painting is considered a central part of the collection. It will be for sale over our dead bodies...  The MAO marker means – make an offer.

The art was taken at an angle because it avoids glare. A professionally lit photo of the artwork can be taken square on. My thinking was that the photo is less likely to be useful for an unauthorized commercial  reproduction. But my sister Brigid says, no, I should get proper lighting and retake them all. I will do this in due course...

"Château at La Ferte St. Cyr",
France Water Color on
Paper, c. 1975. 14"x18"
"Château at La Ferté St. Cyr" (1975). This painting brings back a lot of memories. It was a small town, originally used for hunting by royalty or the noblesse. There were few houses with telephones when we were there in 1975. A woman ran the telephone switchboard from her nome and we could tell she would listen in on our conversations.

"Irish Europa Stamp, 1993."
3"x7", Paper. MAO. Also: 2 First
Day Cancelled Covers
"Irish Europa Stamp" (1993) displays two stamps and a description of the series. It features the "Bowl of Pears" art of HvS. At the time HvS was called "the world's greatest living still-life painter."

"Dancing Belgian Country Folk". Copy of Breughel?
Each painting 11"x16". c. 1995. MAO (pair).
"House in Robin Hood, Maine", c. 1971.
Oil on Board, 12"x15". MAO.
"Elisabeth in St. Adele", 1949.
Oil on Canvas, 24" x 40". NFS
"John in Chair" c. 1950.
Ink w Brush on Paper , 7"x10", MAO. 
We need a similar inventory of HvS art in other collections, with the title, data, size, related stories and whether or not it is for sale.
- Kianda College landscapes and various triptychs etc. in churches in the Nairobi area.
- Brigid Marlin's collection and the collections of her children.
- Randal Marlin's collection and children's.
- Sheila Marlin's collection and children's.
- Other HvS art owned by Alice and me not in NYC.

"Ste. Adele", Quebec, Canada. c. 1949.
Randal in pantry. Trusty outside.
Oil on Canvas, 20"x26", MAO.
- Lis Paice collection and children's.
- Items auctioned and listed on AskART.  1. The self-portrait below.
- Other HvS art in non-family private collections. Prince Sadruddin Khan in 1963 purchased an HvS still life in Geneva.
- HvS Art in the National Academy of Art in Dublin, Ireland.  Two paintings of Evie Hone in the National Academy.
- HvS Illustration at the Society of Illustrators in Newport, RI. It is one of the illustrations from Kersti and St. Nicholas.
- Art Listed in the Royal Hibernian Academy catalog. This was published in Dublin in 1990. It is on World Cat.
- Illustrations Archived at the University of Minnesota, Andersen Library.
- Illustrations Archived at the University of Mississippi Library, de Grummond Collection, in Hattiesberg, Miss.

"John" c. 1992.
Oil on Board, MAO.
The self-portrait at left is currently up for auction at Whyte's in Dublin:

This self-portrait is being appraised at a low price for a Hilda van Stockum painting. Usually one would expect to see a zero added to the prices, and some of her painting would have two zeroes added.

One reason for a wide range in prices is that HvS did not destroy her less-worked-out art. She respected God's small creatures, and respected her own smaller creations. They all were entitled to live.

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