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KIN | Charles Boissevain, Aviva and Her Famly

Three generations of Boissevains. To the left of Charles
 is his daughter Aviva. To his right is granddaughter
AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, September - I am staying at the Rho Hotel, on Nes off the Dam at the center of old Amsterdam.

The hotel used to be a theater–Nes was once a row of theaters.

Yesterday morning I met in the lobby of the hotel for the first time with two second cousins twice removed–Héloïse and Florence.

Florence is at the head of the table in the photo at left. Across the table from me is Charles Boissevain, my second cousin. Our grandparents include two siblings, i.e., Charles's grandfather Charles E. H.  Boissevain and my grandmother Olga Boissevain van Stockum.

Both my sister and Héloïse are named after the same person – Emily Heéloïse MacDonnell, who married my great-grandfather Charles Boissevain.

Charles was born in 1934 and therefore turned 80 last year - the same age as my sister Olga Emily Marlin, whom I plan to see this weekend in Pamplona.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

WW2 BOOKS | HvS Classic Jumps to #6 from #11 on Goodreads (Study Guides at End)

December 23, 2015–I have been asleep at the switch. I have not been following the Goodreads "Best Books for Kids on WW2" list closely since 2013.

If I had been, I would have heralded the jump in the ranking of Hilda van Stockum's The Winged Watchman's before now.
Meanwhile, The Borrowed House has held its own at #8, which is good given the fact that the number of books on the list has more than doubled.

If you, dear reader, are one of the people who voted for either of these books, thank you.

You may not know the history of The Winged Watchman. It was published in 1962 by Farrar Straus (which once wanted one of my books; I regret not having signed with them). It went through many editions and eventually went out of print. It was picked up by Bethlehem Books, which has sold about 51,000 copies in reprint.

My mother's estate, of which I am the executor, has retained movie and television rights. The Winged Watchman has been optioned twice for a movie and is currently being reviewed for a possible television miniseries.

The Winged Watchman I think is now the top-ranked book on Goodreads that has not yet been made into a feature-length or television movie.

A number of study guides seem to have sprouted up. I have discovered these for the first time. Here are four of them and a review with many comments.

Study Questions for The Winged Watchman by Hilda Van ...
Discussion/ Essay Questions: We are unable to supply an answer key to these study ... 

Teachers Pay Teachers Mini-Guide
Mini-Guide for Middlers: The Winged Watchman... by ...
 Rating: 4/4 - ‎2 votes - ‎$4.00
This is a mini-guide (a two-week literature study) for the book titled The Winged Watchman, by Hilda van Stockum.

Seton Home Study School 
Apr 9, 2002 - Seton Home Study School ... BOOK REPORT: The Winged Watchman ... give you the topic sentences for the five paragraphs to guide you.

Two Kid Schoolhouse

Two Kid Schoolhouse: Learning from, and learning to love ...
Feb 1, 2009 - Using a study guide can add to your child's enjoyment of the book and ... Recently my boy read The Winged Watchman, a story about the Nazi ...

Classic Children's Literature Event (Review of the Book and Many Comments)
2015 Classic Children's Literature Event: The Winged ...
Jan 20, 2015 - The Winged Watchman by Hilda van Stockum and Bambi by Felix Salten .... to be very helpful in choosing the appropriate books for our study.

Order a copy of the new (October 2016) edition of The Borrowed House.

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ROMA | Sympathy for "Travelers" in Ireland (Updated July 22, 2016)

The Irish have a reputation for in-fighting over the centuries between the Catholics and the Protestants, but famously have elected a Jewish Mayor of Dublin.

However, Ireland has recently been in the spotlight for having "contempt" for Roma, whom they call "tinkers" or, more politely, "travelers".

My family lived for three years in Dalkey, not far from Carrickmines where a fire last month took the lives of ten people, including a pregnant woman. Sympathy for the travelers in the camp was apparently "short-lived" because they are so unpopular.

This is exactly the kind of cause you would have expected my mother to champion, and indeed she took up the cudgels on behalf of travelers in Ireland through her book Penengro, which means story-teller in the Romani language that she did some research on for her book.

My mother used to say – "If Hitler hated the gypsies so much, there must be something very good about them."

I can't vouch for her research (I don't know enough about traveler culture in Ireland), but the story she tells held my attention. It is about a boy named Rory who runs away from his adoptive family and goes to live among the Roma. It has elements of Mowgli and Romulus and Remus, but is much more credible and up to date

The book has six raters in Goodreads and three (none of whose names I recognize, and one of whom started out as a skeptic about the topic) on Amazon. Both ratings are 5 star (100%).

To find out more about the book, check it out here.

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CONVERT | HvS on the Oxford Group (Updated Mar 31, 2017)

Hilda van Stockum (1908-2006)
at the time of her marriage.
I have been working on pieces of a biography of Hilda van Stockum (HvS). Of particular interest to me and others is her conversion to Roman Catholicism after a being brought up by two atheistic parents from a staunch Dutch Protestant family.

Since the death of HvS I have been organizing and reading her papers. Toward the end of her life when her mind was failing, she would shuffle pages and turn them upside down. She seemed to believe she was putting them in the right order, when in fact she was mixing them up. It's been a job putting them back in order based on clues like numbering, type of paper and typewriter.

Today I just across for the first time a parish bulletin dated May 1935 with a two-page essay by "Hilda Marlin", her married name. I am providing the essay from the St. John's Church Magazine.

The Vicar of the Church of St John the Evangelist in Sandymount, Dublin was Rev. S. R. S. Colquhoun. A portrait by HvS shows him in bishop-like-looking regalia and I always thought that he was a bishop of the Church of Ireland, but he never advanced that far in the church hierarchy because he was too High Church (too close to Rome) for his congregation, and he was suspended (from his job, not at least the gallows) in 1937 for his heretical views. His suspension may have precipitated the conversions to Roman Catholicism of both Evie Hone and HvS in 1938. Fr Colquhoun's portrait used to hang prominently in our parents' house in Montreal and then in England.

HvS was throughout her life seeking solace in the church. When she met my father in Dublin, they would go to the Oxford Group. The members were not as intellectual as the Oxford Movement had been, but they operated with some of the same evangelical themes, namely the need to infuse church practices with more of the New Testament spirit. The Oxford Group is described in the article below.

My father, Spike Marlin, was the first to hear Fr. Colquhoun. They went to his church in Sandymount, just outside of Dublin City center in Ireland during the year before and after they were married in 1932, and before Spike went to New York City to look for work. At that time a vocal minority of Anglo-Catholics within the  Church of Ireland was caught up in the idea of reuniting with the Roman Catholic church. Their models were three Oxford dons – Ronald Knox and Cardinal Newman, who did become Roman Catholics, and C.S. Lewis, who thought similarly but did not.

My Mom became an Anglo-Catholic by 1935 and then a Roman Catholic in 1938. If the text below is too hard to read, maybe someone who can read it will transcribe it. [Postscript: Thank you, Michael Fitzgerald, for doing this. I have posted it.]

Here is what she wrote in 1935:

March 31, 2017 I have made two corrections:
(1) Fr Colquhoun never made it to the rank of Bishop. His regalia must have been that of Monsignor.
(2) The Anglo-Catholics within the Church of Ireland were a minority, even at the Sandymount Church. For the corrections, thank you James Robinson.

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Evie Hone and What Precipitated HvS's Conversion

May 19, 2019 (Washington, DC) Much interest in this post judging from online "pageviews". I don't know who is visiting. If someone wants to reach me, my email address is

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ART | HvS Collections, Exhibits, Sales (Updated Nov. 7, 2016)

This is a preliminary draft of Hilda van Stockum archives and gallery collections. Her archives are scattered all over the world. My interest is initially just getting as complete list as possible of locations with website links or addresses. Later I or someone else can fill in details about the contents and encourage each location to keep a list of where other sources are, so that followers of HvS's art and writing can track down sources without having to engage in wild goose chases.

Collections with the most substantial volume or value of HvS art or papers are in bold face. I including here a few references to locations focused on HvS's husband E. R. Marlin as well. Donors of art or papers are encouraged to concentrate gifts in places where archives and collections are already located, or at least to notify me so that I can include all locations in this list. Sellers of HvS art or papers may find it useful to identify where previous such sales have occurred.

National Gallery of Art, Dublin
Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin
Dublin Writers Museum, Parnell Square North, Dublin
Commercial art galleries and auction houses: deVeres.

National Museum of American Illustrators, Newport, R.I. (also has art of Brigid Marlin)
May Massee Collection, Emporia State University, Emporia, Kansas (May Massee started the children's divisions of two major publishers - Doubleday and then Viking).
National Portrait Gallery, Washington, DC. Has painting by HvS.
National Archives, Washington, DC. ERM papers from World War II when he was in the OSS..
FDR Library, Hyde Park, NY. ERM-related papers.
de Grummond Children's Literature Library, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, Miss. Has a huge volume of HvS papers. The de Grummond Library seems to be a major center of the University.
John and Alice Tepper Marlin, Collection of Art by HvS, NYC, East Hampton, Vero Beach, USA
Archives of Viking Press
Archives of Farrar Straus & Giroux
Archives of Harper Brothers (HarperCollins)
Many private collectors not yet listed
Library of Congress, Washington, DC
New York Public Library
Web sites:, Boissevain Family site, this blog site.

Randal and Elaine Marlin, Ottawa, Canada

Kianda College, Nairobi, Kenya. (Churches and chapels. Kimlea. Olga Marlin has been totally committed to Kianda since the 1960s.)

Lis and Cliff Paice, London and Stratford-upon-Avon
Brigid Marlin, Collection of Art by HvS, Berkhamsted, Herts.
Sheila O'Neill, High Elms Manor, Garston, Herts.

John Tepper Marlin, Ph.D.
Executor, Estate of Hilda van Stockum Marlin
(+1)212-924-3280 or (+1)646-250-4915 .

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KIDS | Brigid's 80th in Ottawa (Postscript Oct. 22)

Brigid and her "Nearly 80" birthday cake.
OTTAWA, Ontario, Canada, October 10, 2015. It is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada and it is a Marlin family reunion.

We thankfully celebrated the birthday of Hilda van Stockum's second child, Brigid Marlin, at lunch today.

Her 80th birthday actually does not occur until January, but we are taking advantage of the confluence of three Marlin siblings and four more in the next generation to start celebrating.

The cake reads "Happy Birthday Brigid, Nearly 80".

Brigid was coming from the opening in Montreal of an extensive exhibit sponsored by the international artists' group that she founded, the Society for Art of Imagination. She is the author of A Meaning for Danny and The Box House, and illustrated Hilda van Stockum's book King Oberon's Forest.

Château Laurier in Ottawa, where the birthday party was
held with eight people named Marlin and one other. One
more Marlin arrives for dinner with a family of four more,
Randal and Elaine have two sons and a daughter already visiting - Alex, Nick and Margie - and another daughter arriving later today (Christine, with Michael Schintgen and their three children).

The event was in the Wilfrid Restaurant of the Fairmont Château Laurier Hotel.

The birthday party was attended by the three Marlin siblings - Brigid, Randal and me - and two spouses (Elaine and Alice), plus three of Randal and Elaine's six children visiting for Thanksgiving - Alex, Margie and Nick - and Nick's significant other, Taeko. The other five are arriving this afternoon in time for a turkey dinner.

Brigid's "Nearly 80" Birthday Party in Ottawa. L to R: Alex, Alice, Margie, John, BRIGID, Randal, Taeko, Elaine, Nick.

Not Wilfrid Laurier - Randal Marlin.

Both the restaurant and the hotel are named after Sir Henri Charles Wilfrid Laurier, a great man in Canadian history.

Who was he?

Wilfrid Laurier was not the man at the left, who is Randal Marlin, a professor of philosophy at Carleton University, an expert on propaganda (author of Propaganda and the Ethics of Persuasion, now in its second edition) and my brother.

Sir Henri Charles Wilfrid Laurier, 1916.
Rather, Laurier is Canada's Quebec-raised 7th Prime Minister (1896-1911) -its first francophone Prime Minister - the man in the carriage at right, who was prime minister of Canada immediately before World War I. One of the two ladies next him is his wife Zoé, Lady Laurier, after whom the piano bar-lounge at the Château Laurier is named.

Laurier was a Liberal, elected and re-elected  over a 15-year period until the Great War. Conservatives then ruled until 1917, when the Liberals came back and stayed in office until 1984. (Postscript - October 22 - the Liberals are back with Justin Trudeau.)

Laurier was voted Canada's best-ever prime minister, according to a 2011 poll by Maclean's Magazine. His portrait is on the Canadian $5 bill.

Here is a photo of the Marlin Family in Canada in 1950 or 1951. If it was May 1951, I was nine and Elisabeth was six.

The Marlins in Montreal, about 1951. Our ages ranged from six to 16.

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KIN | Boissevain Reunion, April 16-17, 2016, Amsterdam

The Boissevain Family Reunions seem to occur every five years.
  • Reunion 9 was in Boissevain, Manitoba, in 2006.
  • Reunion 10 was in Amsterdam in 2011.
Below is the first of the five pages of a newsletter that Aviva Boissevain prepared after the 10th Reunion. If there is any interest (email me) I will post the other four pages or will provide a link if it is already posted.

PRIZE | Keating/McLaughlin Award–Query

One of Hilda van Stockum's "Three Bottles"  still lifes.
 © Estate of Hilda van Stockum. Photo shown here
by kind permission of the Estate.
The Keating/McLaughlin Award for Outstanding Art Work is awarded every year - a Silver Medal and a cash prize of €3,000 awarded by the ESB (Electricity Supply Board).

My mother won this medal in 1989 but no one can remember which of her paintings won the award.  Three paintings were submitted:

1. Three Islandic Poppies
2. Orchids & Jamine
3. Three Bottles

If you have any information about which it was, and possibly a photo of the painting, the ESB would like to have it.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

BOOKS | New-Found Letter (Updated Feb. 2, 2017)

Boissevain Books Edition
of Kersti, 2010.
I have just come across an interesting letter from Hilda van Stockum dated December 15, 1995.

It is addressed to Jean Ann Sharpe has just surfaced of Bethlehem Books, which was going to print Kersti and St. Nicholas and had correspondence with the author about possible revisions.

In the end, the publication of Kersti dropped off the Bethlehem Books schedule. Boissevain Books picked it up instead.

The six HvS children collectively amended the book for several reasons listed below by HvS in the letter to Jean Ann Sharpe. HvS made changes starting on p. 59 of the original edition of Kersti and ending on p. 70.

Here is HvS's letter:
Dear Jean Ann, 
I wrote you some time ago but didn't send the letter as I waited to finish my correction of Kersti and St. Nicholas's ending, which I enclose now - but I lost the original letter in which I thanked you for the new books and the free copies and was enthusiastic about the new books. You are really wonderful in the cheerful appearance of the books.
You understand my spirit. May Massee [Viking's children's book editor] always wanted to show me as a significant writer. They [the books by Viking] got the prizes, but they are not always enjoyed by children - and you understand my approach - without pretensions - just colorful and friendly. So I am very pleased and so are my children.
Meanwhile I have been looking at Kersti, and it is a good book. Have you got it? The book was criticized on three points:
1. The Uncle Tom-ism of [St. Nick's] black servant, which soon after became non-u [today we would more likely say non-PC].  Actually, he was a Moorish servant from the Spain that St.  Nicholas supposed to come from (probably because Spain ruled Holland for so long. So I've changed him from Pieterbaas to Pedro - he calls St. Nicholas Señor - and I have left out the Negro characteristics - and Pedro is less servile.
2. The good children got no gifts. I agree with that now. I was young then [Kersti was published in 1940, when HvS was 32; it was the year that HvS's birthplace, Holland, was invaded; her first book was published six years earlier] and liked shocking people a bit. I also thought no child would identify with the good children. It was the librarians who were offended! Actually the story is better now, St. Nicholas performs a miracle, which is all right as it may be only a dream.
3. St. Nicholas boasts of reuniting cut-up and picked children. It's a true legend, but I have eliminated it. I think this has improved the story.
I hope you'll approve [of the changes]. May Massee should have spotted those things. She wasn't severe enough with me - but she was marvelous, the way she believed in me. I owe her a lot. As a writer I wasn't housebroken yet, when she got me. 
Have a lovely Christmas - you all deserve one. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

LIFE LESSON | Visit to the Dentist (1949)

Elisabeth is front and center, holding hands with her mother
Hilda van Stockum, c. 1949.
This is not about how to prevent a child's teeth from decaying. It is a suggestion about what to do if they do.

The obvious step is - take the child to the dentist. That seems simple enough. It's when you get there that the trouble begins.

No matter what you have told your child about the lovely chair and what the dear darling Dr. Dentist is going to do, the child may stampede at the last moment and become completely unmanageable.

There are two ways of dealing with this.

One way is to clap a cone of gas over the child's nose or use force in some other way. Sometimes that involves calling in some passerby to help hold down small waving limbs and is not without its danger - one poor dentist had his thumb bitten off that way. Besides, it is not particularly good for the child and though we may, at that point, care little what happens to the young thing, it is better to take the long view.

The other way is to appeal to the reason of the child. You could promise recklessly all you have if the child will just please, please open his mouth and sit still. This is not a good method, because though you are counting on his not remembering the promises in detail, the child's memory may prove embarrassingly accurate.

The idea of a reward is good, but it should be earned. Perhaps the method that worked with my four-year-old Elisabeth may work with other children.

Elisabeth was quite happy to go to the place her brothers and sisters had been going. Her head was filled with romantic stories of "pink stuff" that the dentist sprayed in your mouth and that tasted like cinnamon. She was absolutely unsuspecting of evil and sat down hopefully in the chair, which was in its highest position, her little shoes sticking out over the seat and the top of her head barely touching the headrest.

But when the dentist poked about with a sharp instrument, scraping off some tartar, she disliked the feeling. She became frantic with fear, insisting that she didn't want to be helped, she didn't want any pink stuff, and no dolls or lollipops. She was going home.

"She has got some big cavities that have to be filled - we'd better give her gas," said the dentist.

Perhaps I am sentimental about Elisabeth. She is my sixth child and very sweet and tractable after two willful and perverse children. I have always found she responds to reason, though courage is perhaps her least noticeable virtue. Taking a splinter out of Elisabeth's finger amounts to a major operation.

But, no matter what happens, Elisabeth always manages to impress you with her worth as a person. Even in the cradle, she was not just anybody, she was Elisabeth. The idea of knocking her out with gas horrified me. It seemed undignified, and with someone as sensitive and... let's admit it... cowardly as Elisabeth was then, it might have bad after-effects.

"Please let me talk to her a moment," I told the dentist. Being a kind man, he let me.

So I told Elisabeth first to stop screaming because nobody was going to do anything she didn't want. That calmed her down considerably and I could wipe the big tears from her cheeks with the bottom of her dress.

Then I said to her that there were holes in her teeth that were full of germs that had to be killed. I said that the pointed instruments were directed at the germs, not Elisabeth. If she stayed quite still and opened her mouth wide, the dentist would kill the germs without urging her too much,  but if she made a fuss it would hurt a lot.

I reminded her of the time she got soap in her eyes in the bath tub because she wouldn't hold her head back. All this was listened to solemnly by Elisabeth, who was becoming her old self again and breathing normally.

"The doctor wants to put you to sleep," I said. "But I want you to be a brave person. What do you want?"

"Be a brave perthon," she lisped.

"Well, then, you must open your mouth," I explained. ""Every time it hurts, you may put up a finger and the doctor will stop, won't you, doctor?"

The dentist nodded. He explained the instruments to Elisabeth and let her examine them. He told her what he was going to do. Then he started to drill.

At first, it didn't work well. Elisabeth kept putting her finger up as soon as the dentist turned on the drill. So I told her that we would see how long she could keep her finger down. We counted, the dentist and I, and and at first she put her finger up before the count of ten. Then, every time the dentist approached a sensitive spot, he counted very loudly to distract her attention. The second time we counted to 19.

A gleam of ambition glittered in Elisabeth's eyes. She was beginning to enjoy the challenge. She managed to bear quite a lot of pain. We counted to 20, 26, 30, 40. The dentist was amazed and said he wished all children would behave that way.

In the end, Elisabeth was so proud of herself and her record of countings ("How much was it all together, mummy?") that she was actually happy. The pink stuff sprayed into her mouth completed her happiness, and she peeped in the mirror to admire her "silver teeth".

The whole thing was topped off by a big balloon from Woolworth's and now she asks: "Mummy, when are we going to the dentist again, please?"

Instead of a nightmare memory, it became a valuable experience for Elisabeth. It has taught her that there is pleasure in conquering fear and pain. This is far more valuable that the fact that her teeth are filled.

[Elisabeth became an M.D. and a Dean-Director of the National Health Service in London.]

Saturday, July 25, 2015

DEATH | HvS Condolences (Updated Nov 10, 2016)

Hilda van Stockum (1908-2006)
Thanks to the following for signing Hilda van Stockum's online NY Times guestbook after her death on November 1, 2006. The tenth anniversary of her death occurred close to the U.S. election.

Allen, Anne (12/6/2006)
Ambuul, Maria (11/22/2006)
Anonymous (11/14/2006)
Anonymous (11/17/2006)
Anonymous (11/21/2008)
Anonymous (8/1/2011)
Anonymous (8/4/2009)
Ayers, Cara (11/21/2006)
Barb (11/20/2006)
Beausang, Michael (11/8/2006)
Blankert, Jan Willem (11/17/2006)
Bradbury, Angela (5/25/2007)
Braga-Henebry, Ana (11/14/2006)
Byrne, Helen (11/27/2006)
Cammarata, Catherine (11/19/2006)
Charles, Rosa (11/16/2006)
Chiry, Aggie (11/16/2006)
Cole, Candace (11/6/2006)
Corbet, Christian Cardell (11/6/2006)
Cowan, Elizabeth (11/7/2006)
Cummings, Maureen (11/6/2006)
Cunningham, Carolanne (10/5/2008)
Devlin, Patti (11/14/2006)
Dunne, Ann (11/9/2006)
Edmisten, Karen (11/14/2006)
Fitzgerald, Jackie (11/10/2006)
Flynn, Peter (11/7/2006)
Graham, Joseph (11/14/2006)
Greenstein, Barbara (11/8/2006)
Halvegård, Elisa (2/23/2007)
Hansen, Lee (8/3/2010)
Horowitz, David & Bonnie (11/3/2007)
Hungar, Claire and Paige (1/31/2007)
Johnson, Claire (1/8/2008)
Kelly, Stephanie (1/5/2007)
Keshavjee, Shariffa (1/11/2007)
Key, Maria (3/2/2008)
Koch, Rita (11/29/2006)
Koss, Janet (7/3/2009)
Kozak, Carla (11/16/2006)
L., P. (11/15/2006)
Lait, Conor (11/10/2006)
Lait, Michael (11/13/2006)
Larsen, Samantha (11/16/2006)
Leffingwell, Susan (9/9/2007)
Livshits, Irina (11/6/2006)
Lourie, John (2/8/2009)
Manion, Nancy Martin (11/8/2006)
Marley, Josh (11/26/2010)
Marlin, John Tepper  (11/4/2006 and 11/13/2008)
McGuire, Simone (11/21/2008)
Mier, Chris (2/27/2008)
Murphey, Marcia (1/28/2007)
Noonan, Jim (11/4/2006)
Nussbaum, Suzanne (6/26/2009)
O'Neil, Francis (9/30/2007)
o'neill, eithne (11/5/2006)
OBrien, Suzanne Eva (11/15/2006)
Ondatto, Connie (11/16/2006)
Phelan, Frances (11/7/2006)
Phelps, Connie (4/15/2008)
Porter, Valerie (11/27/2006)
Rehkamp O'Brien, Marlene (11/6/2006)
Roberts, Faith (11/14/2006)
Ruddell, Simon (11/28/2006)
Russek, Sarah (12/7/2007)
Ryan, E (11/24/2006)
Silberstein, Janice (12/8/2006)
Smith, Pamela (11/15/2006)
Solinas, Deborah (11/14/2006)
Sontrop, Robert (Bob) (11/16/2006)
Susan (11/14/2006)
Tyler, Rex (11/17/2006)
van Haaff, Fransois (11/13/2006)
Van Hecke, Alicia (11/5/2006)
van Lennep, Erik (8/10/2008)
Van Ostern, Jane (10/11/2007)
Vickery, Judy (5/30/2007)
Vilim, Mary (11/20/2006)
Walsh, Marie (11/6/2006)
Weinstein, Ann and Steve (11/29/2006)
White, Mary (12/5/2007)
Williams, Charlotte (11/5/2006)
Willoughby, Jonathan (11/22/2006)
Wirtz, Mary Lou & Tom (11/15/2006)
Wright OSB, Stephen (11/16/2006)

Here are some of the longer condolence notes we received, many of them through the guest book.

Beyer, Dorianne, New York, NY - "I know that her paintings, particularly those of your families, continue to spread their magic throughout your family's homes." 

Bradbury, Angela, Keno, Ore., May 25, 2007 - I recently read about Hilda in a Bethlehem Books catalog and felt an instant connection to her and her work. My husband Ron and I have five children and love every minute of it. Yes, even the difficult times. I especially love the encouragement and support your mother gave for large families and family life in general through her writing and art. God Bless You, our sympathies are with you. We are investing in a collection of Hilda's books!

Craig-Cooper, Sir Michael, London, UK, April 6, 2007 - Dear Mr. Marlin - You were kind enough to send to my mother, Olive Carroll-Leahy (formerly Craig-Cooper, nee Macdonald) information concerning Hilda van Stockum, to whom my mother and her sister were bridesmaids. My mother suffered a stroke... I wished you to know how touched she was to receive your letters which my cousin Gina MacDonald supplemented with a photograph of your parents' wedding with all the bridesmaids. [Photo is in the Guest Book.] Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Crichton, Aleck, Beltra, Co. Sligo, Ireland, November 25, 2006 - Dear John, Thank you so much for sending me the sad news of Hilda's death... I can remember Olga [Boissevain van Stockum, Hilda's mother] came to live in the upstairs flat in our home at 26 Fitzwilliam Square with Hilda, Willem and Jan about 1927, or earlier. I remember so well a Christmas party in my grandfather's house with Peter and Billy Kirkwood when Hilda produced a lovely illustrated booklet for them - I think in English verse. I hope you have it. Very entertaining and amusing. Clever as paint! We saw a lot of each other, i.e., my parents Brian & Violet, and my sister Sheila. Jan and I were great friends & competed hard at ping pong! Willem was older & we played chess together. Later he spent time with me here trying to teach me the calculus. In the end he was as gallant as one would expect [Willem piloted a bomber for the RAF in WW II, was shot down and is buried in Laval, France]... Spike and I saw quite a bit of each other and I liked him greatly... Hilda lived to a grand great age. She and Spike were married you say for 62 years. Joan and I had 63 years together. With best wishes to you all, with all my sympathy. 

Echevarria, Bishop Javier, Prelate of Opus Dei, Rome - "Heartfelt thanks for... the beautiful self-portrait of Hilda. I pray for your whole family, every day..." 

Fenner, Daniel and Barbara, Twickenham, UK - "We first met at St. James's Church Twickenham, introduced by Fr. Tony Potter. We stayed three weeks with Hilda and we had some wonderful days together. She painted Barbara's portrait.”

Fisk, Nan and Don, Boulder, Colo. - "Your parents came after Eric was born and were really interested in that baby. That visit was the bright spot in those first weeks... One time when we were at their house for dinner, Hilda had finished a self-portrait. It was a good one and I could see her look at it repeatedly. I know the feeling exactly..." 

Halvegård, Elisa, Sweden, HvS Guest Book, February 23, 2007 - We all have a precious picture of Hilda inside our hearts. I met her in 1975 in England and she made a deep impression on me. I was a bit shy and unsure and spoke a terrible English, and she gave me a lot of love and confidence and read my hand. I still remember what she said. ... She later gave me a copy of The Mitchells in Norwegian... We included each other in our prayers, I as a Buddhist and she as a Christian. ... Now when I heard she had died she somehow visited me. She was about in her thirties and was ice-skating on a Dutch canal, waving and smiling, as to say I am all right, all pain has gone and I can do what I want to do! ... Now in England I read The Borrowed House and The Winged Watchman at my friends house. They don´t age, all young should read them to understand our times better as well as history.

Harvey, Sydney, Portlaoise, Ireland - "I, my brother John and our families send our belated sympathies. We have drawings your mother took of our three children Richard (now 29), Victoria (28) and Charlene (24). My wife Valerie and I still live by the family farm, at Derrycarrow in Camross…"

Hone, Muriel, Kilkenny, Ireland, December 29, 2006 - Dear John - I have to tell you that Oliver [son of Evie Hone's first cousin - Evie herself had no children and was never married - JTM] died in May 2005, after which I sold the Dundrum house and moved to Kilkenny to be within reach of my daughter and granddaughter. He suffered from angina and was gradually debilitated by Parkinson's, a difficult combination borne with great courage. He was buried on his 88th birthday, the day before what would have been the celebration of our Diamond Aniversary. I hope Hilda's stroke was not drawn out as she was such an active person with so much to her credit. We were especially pleased when she proved so active in Dublin art circles with her still life studies. Her friendship latterly in Evie's life has put a crown on the letters over the years of being apart. It was a long time for Hilda to have outlived Spike. My condolences to you all - she was a character one would miss - and thank you for telling me. The Irish Times gave her a good obituary. It is a curious life without Oliver - I feel a shadow, but content to have him out of the physical difficulties.

Karl, John and Tyna Coles, Washington, DC - "[We were] saddened to read about your mother in the NY Times. We wish you peace…"

Keshavjee, Shariffa, Nairobi, Kenya - HvS Guest Book, January 11, 2007 - "The picture of this fine old lady in her arm chair, so accepting of life as it unfolded is clearly etched in my mind. She gave me a copy of The Mitchells: Five for Victory. As I stood humbled by her gift, she took a pen and sketched a picture of a young boy with a twig behind him with the casual ease of signing her name. I was touched and have the book by my bedside to date. I learn from her that life is a joy and has to be lived as such without fear and anxiety - with love and grace and thankfulness of all the bounties that God has blessed us with.”  

Kunreuther, Judy, New York, NY - "I always will remember your mother with great warmth and affection. She was a remarkable woman... What an incredible legacy she leaves... Steve and I send our heartfelt condolences..." 

Lueck, Meghan, London, UK, May 2, 2007. - I am University student studying here in London for the semester. I grew up in Southern California and I now go to school at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. When I was little, the Hilda van Stockum books were my absolute favorite. I can not even tell you how much they touched my life and how much they mean to me now, years later. I am traveling to Ireland for the first time with my mom in about two weeks. I actually have Bantry Bay set into my itinerary because they books meant so much to me. This morning, as I planned my trip, I decided to look up Hilda van Stockum on the internet. I had not realized she passed away last year, and I wish you my warm regards of sympathy to your family. As a personal tribute to her, I was wondering if there was any way I could visit some of the sites from her life. Is her burial place open to the public? Could I perhaps place some flowers by her grave? I would also like to know if there is any way I can purchase any of her Out of Print books. I remember when I was a little girl I would check up on the list to see which books of hers I had read. Is there no way those other books are attainable? Thank you so much for your time. I do hope you know how much Hilda van Stockum's work touched my life.

Mahut, Helen, Cambridge, MA, November 10, 2006 - Thank you for the announcement of Hilda's death. I remember well your sister Elizabeth. Hilda had a long and good life. I remember so well your father working for ICAO in Montreal and your hospitable home in Westmount, and Hilda's sustaining friendship when I was doing research at McGill, before I came to MIT.

Murphey, Marcia, Victorville, Calif. - HvS Guest Book, January 28, 2007 - "When all my children are grown, I'm sure they will remember the stories of The Mitchells and how we enjoyed them together as a family. When I read of her life, I felt humbled, and I hope that I can have just a fraction of the impact on my children's life..."

Remoff, Heather, Eagles Mere, Pa., June 7, 2007 - Dear John, If I was deeply touched by your gift to Maeve of A Day on Skates when you gave it, I hardly have words for the gratitude I feel after reading the book. Your mother will never die. She pulled me immediately into a world of such immense kindness, love, and light that reading her work is transformational. What a lovely story. What a lovely person. The book captured all the dreams of my childhood and made them, for a moment, real. My daughter, Ingrid, and her daughter, Maeve, are going to love this book as much as I do. Your mother has a whole new generation of fans. And just in time. Whenever the evening news leaves me ready to throw up my hands and declare humans a doomed species, I will turn to your mother and draw hope that there are children being socialized with her values. Thanks.

Schott, Monica, Washington, D.C., April 14, 2007. Dear John - Your mother was my first painting teacher. She sent me on my way, via the Corcoran School of Art, to become a lifelong teacher myself! She was so gifted and such an inspiration, through her beautiful work - she can never be forgotten! I still mention her to students and I treasure the few works of hers I own.

Wick, Adele, Greenland, N.H., April 19, 2007. John - Your mom's books got buried... I just recently unearthed them. I'm about to finish The Winged Watchman. I don't want to finish it. The story, the style, and the illustrations I savor. I particularly love the beginning, making its young readers feel the war through hunger, and the father's line about preferring to think about what people do out of church to in. I usually don't look at illustrations, but hers draw me in with their delicacy, feeling and power. Thank you for introducing me to Hilda van Stockum.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

BIRTHDAY | 1995, Berkhamsted

L to R: Randal, Olga, Mom, Brigid. 8 Castle Hill, January 2, 1995. All
photos by JT Marlin.
It was a happy time being all together in Berkhamsted in January-February 1995, but the reason we were together was sad.

Dad had a stroke - he had been suffering progressively from Parkinson's - and fell down on High Street in Berkhamsted in early December 1994.

He was hospitalized and in a coma. I got word when I was in Japan and flew back to New York, then got a plane to London.

L to R: Mom, Lis, Olga. January 2, 1995.
Dad died on December 12 and we had a service in Berkhamsted.

I flew back to New York City with Dad's coffin in the hold and he was buried next to his parents.

Then I came back to Berkhamsted. Olga came from Nairobi, Kenya to see Mom.

Mom with birthday cake at
Brigid's house. Feb. 11, 1995.
I think it was the last time that Mom and her six children were all together. Brigid, of course, was just up the road. Randal came from Ottawa. Sheila and Lis came from Garston (near Watford) and London.

The photos are taken either at Mom's house, 8 Castle Hill or at Brigid's house, 28 Castle Hill, Berkhamsted.
Sheila's late husband Shane (L) and Lis's husband Cliff.

We had a joint celebration on February 11 of Mom's birthday (Feb. 9) and Desmond's birthday (Feb. 14).

I forget the exact sequence, but there were issues about the estate and my Dad's accountant, Ray Hodges, said there would be a lot of taxes to pay if Mom died in the next few years.

We worked it out and Mom made gifts to us over two years. Under UK law the gifts would be subject to UK estate taxes and a portion would be clawed back by Inland Revenue if Mom died within seven years of the gift.

L to R: Desmond, Brigid, Sheila at Brigid's house, 28
Castle Hill, Feb. 11, 1995.
The taxes went down to 80 percent after one year following a gift, 60 percent after two years, 40 percent after three, 20 percent after four years, and nil after five years.

So Mom turned to me and said, pensively: "Tell me my job now. What is my job?"

I said: "Your job is to stay alive for seven more years. It's your job because we love you and want to see you with us. And it's your job because otherwise there will be not so much left of the gifts you are making from Dad's estate."

Mom said: "All right."

And she lived for another 12 years, to 2006, less than four months short of her 99th birthday.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

DIET | Echoes of Max Bircher-Benner (Family Comments)

Dr. Maximilian Oskar Bircher-Benner. Born
Aug. 22, 1867, died at 72, Jan. 24, 1939.
July 9, 2015 – My Mom, Hilda van Stockum, swore by Dr. Maximilian Oskar Bircher-Benner and his clinic in Zürich, the Privatklinik Bircher-Benner.

The Clinic was taken over by his two sons after he died and then was operated by a local government (the city or canton of Zürich).

Mom said that Dr. Bircher cured her mother, Olga Boissevain, of cancer. She subscribed to the Bircher-Benner magazine, Die Wendepunkt (The Turning Point), and translated many articles into English.

Dr. Bircher (whose name my mother pronounced BEER-hya) promoted a diet low in red meat and high in minimally processed food. He invented Müsli–also called Bircher-Müsli or Swiss Müsli –as an approximation of mother's milk.

The diet we grew up on was long on Bircher-Müsli and raw food, short on meat. We were the butt of jokes of our friends who would look at mushy food that Mom had prepared and ask: "What is THAT?"

When I would bring up the views of Dr. Bircher with Board-Certified American doctors they would scornfully dismiss the views of what they must have viewed as a Swiss quack. Nutrition was in the mid-20th century not exactly an obsession of American medical schools.

Dr. Bircher had a wide circle of fans, including my mother's Dutch family. I made several visits there and went through many earnest individual and group lectures on the value of exercise and minimally processed food. On my last visit (in 1963), I was told that a man I had met the day before, humorist A. J. Liebling of the New Yorker had left early, I think because he didn't like the fact that the food was so unprocessed. Libeling wrote about gourmet food, among other things. His gourmet taste showed. (In an earlier version of this post I misremembered the person as S. J. Perelman, also of the New Yorker; I mention this only because it is worth rereading George Plimpton's superb interview of Perelman published in 1963.)

Mom had the last laugh. She lived to be 98 and her six children are still alive, aged 71-81, which surely puts us ahead of our joint life expectancies.

One of many products paying homage to Dr.
Bircher-Benner and his Müsli.
And now science and industry are catching up to Dr. Bircher, as reported in The New York Times today by two dietary researchers who note that the nutritional guidelines of the past 35 years – to minimize dietary fat – have been changed by new 2005 dietary guidelines that have raised the maximum and have introduced a minimum for dietary fat of 20 percent of daily intake.

The new emphasis is on "minimally processed food".

Cue Dr. Max Bircher-Benner.

Thank you, Mom.

Comments via Email (2016)

Olga Marlin
: It´s true that all those bowls of fruit and nuts with a generous base of condensed milk, have proved their worth in the long run.

Brigid Marlin: Very interesting comments on Dr Bircher, we all grew up with him, so him seemed almost an extra grandfather – sometimes a bit of a nagger! Mother gave me a book of Bircher-Benner recipes in the 1980s and I showed the book back then to Stanley Kubrick, who was obsessed with eating in a healthy way. He never gave the book back–they hired a cook who was told to use vegetarian recipes. Randal's here [Brigid is visiting in Ottawa] and wants to comment!

Randal Marlin: The basic recipe for Mom's muesli was grated apple (skins on), lemon juice, sweetened condensed milk. Stir. Then you add unsalted nuts, whole grains, wheat germ, blueberries, strawberries, raisins or other dried fruit – the possible combinations are endless. you can adapt the add-ons to suit a gluten-free diet or whatever. A batch of muesli will keep for a reasonably long time in the refrigerator.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

BOISSEVAIN | Charles "Handelsblad" and Emily (Updated Jan. 29, 2017)

Charles Handelsblad Boissevain (1842-1927).
He was editor and publisher of Amsterdam's
Algemeen Handelsblad.
The Charlestje Family Group, headed by Charles and Emily Boissevain, is the one that my grandmother Olga, Charles's sixth child, drummed into me when I was a boy of 4 to 9 years old in Canada.

I first collected information on my Boissevain ancestors for a booklet I gave to my parents on their 50th wedding anniversary in 1982. My mother corrected it, added to it and deleted certain things that she felt improper to reveal. It is now my trusted guide to the family.

This post is built around that source and a list and numbering system begun by the late Matthijs (Thijs) Boissevain after the Boissevain family reunion a quarter-century ago in Boissevain, Manitoba, Canada. I made certain modifications in his system that are listed in the Notes at the end of this post.

The first six generations of the Boissevain Family before Charles are covered in another post.

1111316 Charles Handelsblad Boissevain (Root of Tree) was born 28 Oct 1842 in Amsterdam, son of Gideon Jérémie Boissevain and Maria van Heukelom. He was editor and part owner of the Amsterdam Algemeen Handelsblad. Charles died 05 May 1927 in Drafna (Naarden), at 84. Charles married, at 24, 27 June 1867 in Woolston (Hampshire, England) Emily Héloïse MacDonnell, 23. Emily was born 01 Jun 1844 in Dublin, daughter of Hercules Henry Graves MacDonnell and Emily Ann Moylan. Emily died 26 Jan 1931 in Blaricum, at the age of 86.

The Handelsblad reports invasion of Holland and Belgium,
May 10, 1940. "Netherlands at War with Germany." It was a
short war. After Rotterdam was obliterated, the Queen surrendered.
The 1111316 in front of Charles Handelsblad's name establishes his patrilineal "Pedigree". It shows the birth order of each person by generation.

The prefix 1111316 can be added to each of the following numbers to take them back to the Ur Boissevain in the Dordogne, Lucas Bouissavy.

Charles had 11 children by Emily Héloïse MacDonnell:
1 Charles Ernest Henri ("Eh Ha") Boissevain, born 09 May 1868 in Amsterdam.
2 Maria Boissevain, born 27 Oct 1869 in Amsterdam
3 Alfred Gideon Boissevain, born 28 Dec 1870 in Amsterdam.
4 Robert Walrave Boissevain, born 12 Mar 1872 in Amsterdam.
5 Hester ("Hessie") Boissevain, born 16 Aug 1873 in Driebergen.
6 Olga Emily Boissevain, born 27 Oct 1875 in Amsterdam. She was Hilda van Stockum's mother.
7 Hilda Gerarda Boissevain, born 12 Jul 1877 in Amsterdam.
8 Eugen Jan Boissevain, born 20 May 1880 in Amsterdam.
9 Petronella Johanna ("Nella") Boissevain, born 24 Dec 1881 in Amsterdam.

A Jan Maurits Boissevain
, born the 10th child on 05 Feb 1883 in Amsterdam. Under the numbering system used here, in families with more than 9 children, the 10th child is numbered "A", the 11th is numbered "B" and so on. This keeps the numbering to one column per generation while retaining the ability to sort on that column.
B Catharina Josephina (“Teau”) Boissevain was born the 11th child on 23 Jan 1885 in Amsterdam.

Charles E. H. Boissevain and MariaPijnappel.
1 Charles Ernest Henri (Eh Hah) Boissevain was born on 09 May 1868 in Amsterdam, son of Charles Handelsblad Boissevain and Emily Héloïse MacDonnell. Charles died 07 Nov 1940 in Blaricum, at 72. Charles married, at 22, on 19 Feb 1891 in Amsterdam Maria Barbera Pijnappel, aged 20. Maria was born on 10 Jul 1870 in Amsterdam, daughter of Menso Johannes Pijnappel and Helena Catharina Justina Brugmans. Maria died 24 Nov 1950 in Blaricum, at 80. She was the first female member of the Dutch Parliament and my mother told me her Tante Maria was as prickly as her name implies.
Children of Charles E. H. and Maria:11 Menso Boissevain, born 19 Apr 1892 in Amsterdam. 12 Charles Hercules Boissevain, born on 18 Oct 1893 in Amsterdam. 13 Robert Lucas Boissevain, born on 27-04-1895 in Amsterdam. 14 Helena Catharina Justina (Heentie) Boissevain, born on 10-11-1897 in Amsterdam 15 Maria Cornelia (Mary) Boissevain, born on 07-05-1899 in Amsterdam. 16 Laurens Rijnhart Boissevain, born on 13-06-1901 in Amsterdam.17 Emily Héloïse Boissevain, born on 21-03-1903 in Amsterdam. 18 Catharine Josephine (Teau) Boissevain, born on 01-11-1905 in Amsterdam.19 Elisabeth Antonia Boissevain, born on 07-04-1907 in Amsterdam1A Dieuke Machteld Hilda Boissevain, born on 05-12-1910 in Amsterdam.
11 Menso Boissevain was born on 19 Apr 1892 in Amsterdam, son of Charles Ernest Henri Boissevain and Maria Barbera Pijnappel. Menso died on 25 Jan 1970 in Zandvoort, at 77. Menso married, at 25, on 16 Apr 1918 in Hilversum Johanna Elizabeth Uijt den Bogaard, aged 19 years. Johanna was born on 09 May 1898 in Hilversum, daughter of Pieter Uijt den Bogaard and Sara Adriana Petronella Gleichman. Johanna died on 28 Dec 1977 in Haarlem, at 79. 
Children of Menso and Johanna :111 Sara Adriana Petronella Boissevain, born on 11-02-1919 in Weesperkarspel. 112 Charles Ernest Henri Boissevain, born on 28-04-1921 in Weesperkarspel. 113 Helena Mary Boissevain, born on 02-08-1925 in Weesperkarspel. Helena died on 23 Nov 1926 in Amsterdam, at the age of 1 year. 114 Elisabeth Antonia Boissevain, born on 25-05-1928 in Weesperkarspel.
111 Sara Adriana Petronella Boissevain was born on 11-02-1919 in Weesperkarspel, daughter of Menso Boissevain and Johanna Elizabeth Uijt den Bogaard. Sara married, at the age of 26 years, on 18-10-1945 in Amsterdam Leo Joseph Patrick Sullivan, aged 29 years. The marriage was dissolved in 1950 in Amsterdam. Leo was born on 21-10-1915 in Montreal, son of James Sullivan and Agnes Giblin. Leo died.

112 Charles Ernest Henri Boissevain was born on 28-04-1921 in Weesperkarspel, son of Menso Boissevain and Johanna Elizabeth Uijt den Bogaard. Charles died on 08-02-1994, at the age of 72 years. Charles died. Charles married, at 25, on 22-08-1946 in Sydney (New South Wales) Mary Erica Sagar, aged 27. The marriage was dissolved in 1955. Mary was born on 02-12-1918 in Adelaide (South Australia), daughter of Eric Noel Sagar. Mary died on 03-09-2002 in Cogee (NSW, Australia), at 83.
Child of Charles and Mary :
1121 Jennifer Julia Francis Boissevain, born on 02 Dec 1950 in Sydney, Australia.

1121 Jennifer Julia Francis Boissevain was born on 02 Dec 1950 in Sydney, Australia, daughter of Charles Ernest Henri Boissevain and Mary Erica Sagar. Jennifer :
(1) married Leon Edelman, son of William Elelman. 
(2) married Barry John Mark Lants, born 09 Sep 1951 in Sydney (New South Wales), son of Andy Lants. 

113 Elisabeth Antonia Boissevain was born on 25-05-1928 in Weesperkarspel, daughter of Menso Boissevain and Johanna Elizabeth Uijt den Bogaard. Elisabeth died on 01-10-1994 on Amsterdam, at the age of 66 years (cause: verkeersongeluk). Elisabeth died. Elisabeth married, at the age of 23 years, on 23-08-1951 in Amsterdam Sieger de Lang, aged 36 years. Sieger was born on 05-11-1914 in Amsterdam, son of Sieger de Lang and Jentje Diepeveen. Sieger died on 01-10-1994 in Amsterdam, at the age of 79 years (cause: verkeersongeluk).  

12 Charles Hercules Boissevain was born 18 Oct 1893 in Amsterdam, son of Charles Ernest Henri Boissevain and Maria Barbera Pijnappel. Charles died on 18 Oct 1946 in Colorado Springs (Colorado), at 53. Charles:
(1) married, at age 31, on 29 Dec 1924 in New York Marie Therese Wera (Zwetana) von Hartenau, also 31. The marriage was dissolved in 1927. Zwetana was born on 24 Oct 1893 in Graz (Stiermarken), daughter of Alexander Joseph Prinz von Battenberg, Graf von Hartenau and Johanna Marie Luise Loisinger. Zwetana died 24 Nov 1935. 
(2) married, at age 34 years, on 20 Jun 1928 in Chicago, Ill. Ruth Davis, aged 36. Ruth was born 18 May 1892 in Chicago. Ruth died on 05 Dec 1982 in Colorado Springs, Colo.  at 90. 
Children of Charles and Ruth :
121 Menso Boissevain, born on 13 Sep 1930 in Colorado Springs (Colorado). 
122 Maria Barbera Boissevain, born on 21 Sep 1932 in Colorado Springs (Colorado), daughter of Charles Hercules Boissevain and Ruth Davis. Maria died on 19-08-1993 on Lelystad, at 60. Maria married, at 20 years, on 29 Dec 1952 in Santa Fe (New Mexico) Christopher Grant Champlin La Farge, aged 24 years. The marriage was dissolved 06-1977 in Boston (Massachusetts). Christopher was born on 14 Sep 1928 in New York, son of Christopher Grant Champlin and Louise Ruth Hoar Maria Barbera La Farge. Christopher died on 08 Jan 1994 in Colorado Springs (Colorado), at 65.

13 Robert Lucas (Bob Sr.) Boissevain was born on 27-04-1895 in Amsterdam, son of Charles Ernest Henri Boissevain and Maria Barbera Pijnappel. Robert died 12 Apr 1945 in the Concentration Camp Zwieberge (Halberstadt, Magdeburg), at 49. Robert married, at 25, on 12-04-1921 in Amsterdam Helena Suzanna (Sonia) van Tienhoven, aged 21. Helena was born on 10 Feb 1900 in Amsterdam, daughter of Gijsbert van Tienhoven and Helena Suzanna van Hall. Helena died on 16 Apr 1997 in Bentveld, at 97. Bob and his wife and their entire family received the Yad Vashem award for sheltering four Jews during the Nazi Occupation. Bob died in concentration camp; all four of the Jews in hiding survived the war. 

Children of Robert and Helena : 
1 Robert Lucas (Bob Jr.) Boissevain, born on 20 Jun 1922 in Amsterdam.  2 Maria Barbera Boissevain, born on 01 Nov 1924 in Amsterdam. 3 Helena Suzanna Boissevain, born on 18 Aug 1926 in Amsterdam. 4 Willem Boissevain, born on 24 Oct 1930 in Amsterdam. 5 Hester Boissevain, born on 05 Apr 1934 in Amsterdam. 6 Charles (Leidschendam) Boissevain, born on 05 Apr 1934 (twin of Hester).
131 Robert Lucas (Bob Jr.) Boissevain was born on 20 Jun 1922 in Amsterdam. Bob married, at 41 years, on 28 Aug 1963 in Zandvoort Brigitte Maud Fuchs, aged 30. Brigitte was born on 19 Nov 1932 in Karlsbad, daughter of Richard Johann Rudolf Fuchs and Margaretha Gertrude Lendlmayr von Lendenfeld. 
Children of Bob and Brigitte :
1311 Suzanna Eileen (Sue) Boissevain, born on 18 Apr 1965 in Haarlem. 
1312 Barbera Margaret Boissevain, born 28 Mar 1967 in Haarlem.

1311 Suzanna Eileen (Sue) Boissevain was born on 18-04-1965 in Haarlem, daughter of Robert Lucas (Bob) Boissevain and Brigitte Maud Fuchs. Sue married, at 30, on 27 Apr 1995 in Heemstede Ronald (Ron) Post, aged 37. Ron was born 01 Oct 1957 in Hamilton (New Zealand), son of J.J. Post and C.J. de Weeze. 

1312 Barbera Margaret Boissevain was born on 28 Mar 1967 in Haarlem, daughter of Robert Lucas (Bob) Boissevain and Brigitte Maud Fuchs. Barbera married, at the age of 33 , on 24 Jun 2000 in Heemstede Bernardus P.J.M. (Ben) Herpen
Children of Barbera and Ben :
1311 Lucas Johannes Boissevain, born on 18-11-1996 in Leidschendam. 
1312 Laurens Benjamin Boissevain, born on 21-07-1998 in Leidschendam. 
1313 Philippe Ronald Peter Boissevain, born on 18-10-2000 in Leidschendam.

132 Maria Barbera Boissevain was born on 01-11-1924 in Amsterdam, daughter of Robert Lucas Boissevain and Helena Suzanna van Tienhoven. Maria died. Maria died. Maria married, at the age of 38 years, on 06-06-1963 in Oegstgeest Meinardus Woldringh, aged 48 years. Meinardus was born on 16-03-1915 in Groningen, son of Sebo Albertus Woldringh and Swaantina Gesina Alberdina Potjer. Meinardus died on 09-10-1968 on Breda, at the age of 53 years. Meinardus died. 

133 Willem Boissevain was born on 24-10-1930 in Amsterdam, son of 13 Robert Lucas Boissevain and Helena Suzanna van Tienhoven. Willem married, at 25, on 15 Sep 1956 in Amsterdam Clari de Wit, aged 25. Clari was born on 28 Oct 1930 in Utrecht, daughter of Abram de Wit and Clara Alida Jacoba Dike. 
Children of Willem and Clari :1331 Saskia Boissevain, born on 22-01-1958 in Amsterdam. 1332 Robert Diederik Boissevain, born on 21-08-1959 in Amsterdam. 1333 Claartje Henriëtte Boissevain, born on 11-07-1961 in Amsterdam. 1334 Valentijn Boissevain, born on 24-03-1965 in Velp.
1331 Saskia Boissevain was born on 22-01-1958 in Amsterdam, daughter of Willem Boissevain and Clari de Wit. Saskia married, at the age of 48 years, on 06-02-2006 in Amsterdam Peter Johan Schenk
Children of Saskia and Peter :
13311 Jort Lucas Schenk, born on 24-12-1992 in Amsterdam. 
13312 Myrd Merlijn Schenk, born on 08-07-1995 in Amsterdam.

1332 Claartje Henriëtte Boissevain was born on 11-07-1961 in Amsterdam, daughter of Willem Boissevain and Clari de Wit. Claartje married, at the age of 46 years, on 08-09-2007 in Beek-Ubbergen Jan Steehouder, aged 46 years. Jan was born on 13-12-1960 in Heteren, son of Henk Steehouder and Meyer Riet. 
Child of Claartje and Jan :
13321 Anneclaar Boissevain, born on 29-01-2004 in Berg en Dal.

1333 Valentijn Boissevain was born on 24-03-1965 in Velp, son of Willem Boissevain and Clari de Wit. Valentijn married, at the age of 32 years, on 16-02-1998 in Doesburg Esther Maria Cornelia (Isaney) van Hall, aged 29. The marriage was dissolved on 16 Jun 2003. Isaney was born on 04 Oct 1968 in Veldhoven. 
Child of Valentijn and Isaney :
13331 Céline-Aleï Clarice Boissevain, born 30 Jun 2000 in Spankeren.

135 Hester Boissevain was born on 05 Apr 1934 in Amsterdam. Hester married, at 30, 20 Nov 1964 in Amsterdam Edy Grinberg, aged 27. Edy was born 12 April 1937 in Istanbul (Turkije), son of Levi Grinberg and Mina Marcus. 

136 Charles Leidschendam Boissevain was born on 05 Apr 1934, married, at the age of 33 years, on 09-Mar 1968 in Delft Louise Henriëtte Westermann, aged 29. Louise was born on 29 Dec 1938 in Hilversum, daughter of Arthur Jan Marius Westermann and Eleonora Louise Knipscheer. 

Children of Charles and Louise :
1361 Iaera Elisabeth Boissevain, born on 13-01-1970 in ´s-Gravenhage. 
1362 Iolente Wendelijne Boissevain, born on 29-05-1972 in ´s-Gravenhage. Iolente died on 16-10-1992 on Amsterdam, at the age of 20 years (cause: verkeersongeluk).
1363 Aviva Héloïse Boissevain, born on 17 Apr 1973 in´s-Gravenhage.

14 Helena Catharina Justina (Heentie) Boissevain was born on 10-11-1897 in Amsterdam, daughter of Charles Ernest Henri Boissevain and Maria Barbera Pijnappel. Heentie died on 08-11-1993 on Velp, at the age of 95 years. Heentie died. Heentie married, at the age of 31 years, on 08-08-1929 in Amsterdam Dirk Cornelis Mesman, aged 28 years. Dirk was born on 11-05-1901 in Amsterdam, son of Dirk Mesman and Betje Petronella Hansen. Dirk died on 08-08-1984 on Doorn, at the age of 83 years. 

15 Maria Cornelia (Mary) Boissevain was born on 07-05-1899 in Amsterdam, daughter of Charles Ernest Henri Boissevain and Maria Barbera Pijnappel. Mary died on 12-12-1995, at the age of 96 years. Mary died. Mary married Jan Hendrik de Jong. Jan was born on 28-09-1895 in Batavia, son of Jan Evert de Jong and Margaretha van Ysendoorn. Jan died on 06-05-1946 on Hilversum, at the age of 50 years. 

16 Laurens Rijnhart Boissevain was born on 13-06-1901 in Amsterdam, son of Charles Ernest Henri Boissevain and Maria Barbera Pijnappel. Laurens died on 30-10-1986 on Monte Carlo, at the age of 85 years. Laurens died. Laurens married, at the age of 34 years, on 07-10-1935 in Belgrado Vera Neveroff, aged 34 years. Vera was born on 25-10-1900 in Kursk (Russia ), daughter of Alexander Neveroff and Zoya de la Tour. Vera died.
Children of Laurens and Vera :
161 Vera Alexandra Boissevain, born on 12 iov 1936 in Amsterdam. 
162 Marina Catherina Boissevain, born on 19-09-1939 in Beauvallon (Var).
163 Kyra Irina Boissevain, born on 06-12-1943 in Monte Carlo.

161 Vera Alexandra Boissevain was born on 12-11-1936 in Amsterdam, daughter of Laurens Rijnhart Boissevain and Vera Neveroff. Vera died on 06-10-1994 on Stocksfield (Northumberland,U.K.), at the age of 57 years. Vera married, at age 27, on 18-01-1964 in Fontainebleau (Seine-et-Marne) Peter Michael Evans Lombe, aged 30 years. Peter was born on 05-06-1933 in Bangalore (India), son of John Michael Lombe and Patricia Routledge Gibson. 

162 Marina Catherina Boissevain was born on 19-09-1939 in Beauvallon (Var), daughter of Laurens Rijnhart Boissevain and Vera Neveroff. Marina married, at the age of 19 years, on 25-08-1959 in Vence (Alpes-Maritimes) Guy Marie Joseph Sauvage de Brantes, aged 21 years. Guy was born on 25-09-1937 in Authon (Loir-et-Cher), son of Francois Sauvage de Brantes and Anne-Aymone Faucigny-Lucinge. 

163 Kyra Irina Boissevain was born on 06-12-1943 in Monte Carlo, daughter of Laurens Rijnhart Boissevain and Vera Neveroff. Kyra married, at the age of 19 years, on 03-08-1963 in Monte Carlo Robert Henry Dickinson, aged 29 years. Robert was born on 12-05-1934 in Corbridge (Northumberland), son of Robert Joicey Dickinson and Alice Penelope Barnett. 

17 Emily Héloise Boissevain was born on 21-03-1903 in Amsterdam, daughter of Charles Ernest Henri Boissevain and Maria Barbera Pijnappel. Emily died on 29-01-1968 on Stroud (Gloucestershire), at the age of 64 years. Emily married, at the age of 23 years, on 24-06-1926 in Blaricum Carl Erik Holbek, aged 24 years. Carl was born on 30-06-1901 in Skodsborg (Sjalland, Denemarken), son of Carl Andreas Jesper Holbek and Marie Dorph. Carl died on 06-05-1968 on Snekkrsten (Sjælland, Denemarken), at the age of 66 years. 

18 Catharine Josephine (Teau) Boissevain was born on 01-11-1905 in Amsterdam, daughter of Charles Ernest Henri Boissevain and Maria Barbera Pijnappel. Teau died on 21-10-2002 on Putten, at the age of 96 years. Teau married, at the age of 23 years, on 23-05-1929 in Blaricum Carl Huisken, aged 26 years. Carl was born on 30-07-1902 in Amsterdam, son of Albert Gerard Huisken and Emmy Schöffer. Carl died on 25-06-1987 on Putten, at the age of 84 years. 

19 Elisabeth Antonia Boissevain was born on 07-04-1907 in Amsterdam, daughter of Charles Ernest Henri Boissevain and Maria Barbera Pijnappel. Elisabeth died on 03-07-2000 on Bayview (NSW, Australië), at the age of 93 years. Elisabeth married, at the age of 31 years, on 08-09-1938 in Amsterdam Elias Liko Krejcik, aged 41 years. Elias was born on 28-01-1897 in St. Petersburg, son of Rosa Ida Krejcik. Elias died on 11-11-1981 on Bayview (New South Wales), at the age of 84 years. Elias died. 

1A Dieuke Machteld Hilda Boissevain was born on 05-12-1910 in Amsterdam, daughter of Charles Ernest Henri Boissevain and Maria Barbera Pijnappel. Dieuke died on 01-04-1987 on Bussum, at the age of 76 years. Dieuke died. Dieuke married Carel Marie Nienhuys. Carel was born on 22-09-1909 in Amsterdam, son of Jan Willem Nienhuys and Alida Maria Versteegh. Carel died on 05-11-2003 on Bussum, at the age of 94 years. Carel died. 

132 Maria Boissevain was born on 27-10-1869 in Amsterdam, daughter of Charles Boissevain and Emily Héloïse MacDonnell. Maria died on 20-07-1959 on Naarden, at the age of 89 years. Maria married, at the age of 18 years, on 20-09-1888 in Amsterdam Cornelis van Eeghen, aged 26 years. The marriage was dissolved on 23-06-1921 in Amsterdam. Cornelis was born on 06-11-1861 in Amsterdam, son of Hendrik van Eeghen and Catharina Susanna Bierman. Cornelis died on 03-09-1940 on Amsterdam, at the age of 78 years. 

3 Alfred Gideon Boissevain was born on 28-12-1870 in Amsterdam, son of Charles Boissevain and Emily Héloïse MacDonnell. Alfred died on 31-01-1922 on Amsterdam, at the age of 51 years. Alfred married Maria Anna Hooglandt. She´s a daughter of Jan Daniel Hooglandt and Catherina Elisabeth Heemskerk. Maria died. 
Children of Alfred and Maria :1 Catherina Elisabeth (Cabeth) Boissevain, born on 05-09-1899 in Amsterdam Follow 312 Olga Emily Boissevain, born on 03-01-1902 in Amsterdam Follow 323 Robert Walrave Boissevain, born on 05-09-1903 in Amsterdam Follow 334 Herman Boissevain, born on 15-09-1909 in Amsterdam. Herman died. 5 Ralph Louis Boissevain, born on 20-08-1912 in Amsterdam Follow 34.
131 Catherina Elisabeth (Cabeth) Boissevain was born on 05-09-1899 in Amsterdam, daughter of Alfred Gideon Boissevain and Maria Anna Hooglandt. Cabeth died on 25-04-2001 on Den Dolder, at the age of 101 years. Cabeth died. Cabeth married, at 26 years, on 16-03-1926 in Amsterdam Johannes Jacobus van der Wouw, aged 26 years. Johannes was born on 15-12-1899 in Pretoria, South Africa. Johannes died on 03-08-1980 on Den Dolder, at the age of 80. 

132 Olga Emily Boissevain was born on 03-01-1902 in Amsterdam, daughter of Alfred Gideon Boissevain and Maria Anna Hooglandt. Olga died on 16-08-1993 in Amsterdam, at the age of 91 years. Olga died. Olga married, at the age of 25 years, on 17-11-1927 in Soerabaja Herman Josua van Lennep, aged 28 years. Herman was born on 22-09-1899 in Amsterdam. Herman died on 12-06-1979 on Amsterdam, at the age of 79 years. 

133 Robert Walrave Boissevain was born 05-09-1903 in Amsterdam, son of Alfred Gideon Boissevain and Maria Anna Hooglandt. Robert died on 01-02-1987 on Naarden, at the age of 83 years. Robert died. Robert married, at the age of 40 years, on 14-06-1944 in Voorburg Louise Maria Spierenburg, aged 31 years. Louise was born on 14-03-1913 in Rotterdam. Louise died on 21-02-2004 on Bilthoven, at the age of 90 years. Louise died. 
Children of Robert and Louise :1 Maria Anna Boissevain, born on 30-07-1946 in ´s-Gravenhage. 2 Ralphine Louise Boissevain, born on 14-03-1948 in ´s-Gravenhage.
135 Ralph Louis Boissevain was born 20-08-1912 in Amsterdam, son of Alfred Gideon Boissevain and Maria Anna Hooglandt. Ralph died 23-02-1972 on Quailcum Beach (British Columbia), at 59. Ralph married, at the age of 39 years, on 02-11-1951 in Paramaribo Martha Kruisinga. Martha died. 

34 Robert Walrave Boissevain was born on 12-03-1872 in Amsterdam, son of Charles Boissevain and Emily Héloïse MacDonnell. Robert died on 23-04-1938 in Montreal (Quebec), at the age of 66. Robert :
(1) married, at 28 years, on 25-09-1900 in West Brompton (London) Ethel Rose (Rosie) Phibbs, aged 25 years. The marriage was dissolved 03-1919 in Amsterdam. Rosie was born 25-08-1875 in Bombay, daughter of William Phibbs and Rose Blanche de Moleyns. Rosie died on 25-12-1937 in Hilversum, at 62. 
(2) married, at 47 years, on 27-05-1919 in Brooklyn (New York) Anne Willemina Deterling, aged 24 years. Anne was born on 21-03-1895 in Brooklyn (New York), daughter of Charles Deterling and Katherine Margaret White. Anne died.
Children of Robert and Rosie: 
1 Theodora Jacoba Boissevain, born on 14-08-1901 in Batavia (West-Java) Follow 1341.
2 Cornelis Alfred Boissevain, born on 28-12-1902 in Semarang Follow 13423 Frederick William Boissevain, born on 13-09-1904 in Batavia Follow 13434 Hester Boissevain, born on 23-10-1905 in Naarden Follow 1344
5 Adrienne Boissevain, born on 27-04-1908 in Amsterdam Follow 1345 
6 Kathleen Boissevain, born on 27-09-1909 in Blaricum. Kathleen died on 26-08-1930 on Singapore, at the age of 20 years.
Children of Robert and Anne:
7 Robert Fergus Boissevain, born on 27-11-1920 in Paris Follow 1346 
8 Alfred Gideon Jérémie Boissevain, born on 07-02-1923 in New York Follow 1347.

41 Theodora Jacoba Boissevain was born on 14-08-1901 in Batavia (West-Java), daughter of Robert Walrave Boissevain and Ethel Rose Phibbs. Theodora died on 31-01-1958 on Amsterdam, at the age of 56 years. Theodora died. Theodora married, at the age of 20 years, on 31-08-1921 in Les Diablerets (Vaud) Willem Frederik Sillem, aged 26 years. Willem was born on 08-05-1895 in Amsterdam. Willem died on 03-04-1960 in Amsterdam, at 64. 

42 Cornelis Alfred Boissevain was born on 28-12-1902 in Semarang, son of Robert Walrave Boissevain and Ethel Rose Phibbs. Cornelis died on 24-05-1963 on Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), at the age of 60 years. Cornelis died. Cornelis married, at the age of 24 years, on 15-10-1927 in Bryn Athyn (Pennsylvania) Mildred Sophie Goerwitz, aged 25 years. Mildred was born on 27-03-1902 in Glenview (Illinois). Mildred died 12-1988 on Bryn Athun (Pennsylvania), at the age of 86 years. 
Children of Cornelis and Mildred :1 Jeremy Fergus Boissevain, born on 05-08-1928 in Londen Follow 4212 Thomas Alfred Boissevain, born on 22-12-1929 in Londen Skip to 4223 André Robert Boissevain, born on 11-11-1932 in Welwyn (Hertfordshire) Skip to 423.

421 Jeremy Fergus Boissevain was born on 05-08-1928 in Londen, son of Cornelis Alfred Boissevain and Mildred Sophie Goerwitz. Jeremy married, at the age of 23 years, on 29-03-1952 in Bryn Athyn (Pennsylvania) Inga Britt Otterstrand

Children of Jeremy and Inga :
1 Ieneke Boissevain, born on 24-11-1954 in Tokyo Follow 4211
2 Liet Boissevain, born on 01-02-1957 in Malta Follow 4212
3 Maria Boissevain, born on 28-05-1961 in Malta Follow 4213
4 Anna Boissevain, born on 22-05-1965 in Montreal (Quebec) Follow 4214.

4211 Ieneke Boissevain was born on 24-11-1954 in Tokyo, daughter of Jeremy Fergus Boissevain and Inga Britt Otterstrand. Ieneke :
(1) married Peter Swaffer
(2) married, at the age of 25 years, on 12-01-1980 in Brighton (Sussex) Nicholas Rayburn. The marriage was dissolved in 1983. 

4212 Liet Boissevain was born on 01-02-1957 in Malta, daughter of Jeremy Fergus Boissevain and Inga Britt Otterstrand. Liet married, at the age of 32 years, on 29-09-1989 in Malta Malta Natalino Bonello

4213 Maria Boissevain was born on 28-05-1961 in Malta, daughter of Jeremy Fergus Boissevain and Inga Britt Otterstrand. Maria married Frank van Beek

4214 Anna Boissevain was born on 22-05-1965 in Montreal (Quebec), daughter of Jeremy Fergus Boissevain and Inga Britt Otterstrand. Anna married Hans Willem van der Neut

422 Thomas Alfred Boissevain was born on 22-12-1929 in Londen, son of Cornelis Alfred Boissevain and Mildred Sophie Goerwitz. Thomas died on 08-04-2003 on Vero Beach Florida (USA), at the age of 73 years. Thomas married, at the age of 27 years, on 20-04-1957 in Bryn Athyn (Pennsylvania) Helen Bratton Lightfoot, aged 25. Helen was born on 08-07-1931 in Cheltenham (Pennsylvania). 

Children of Thomas and Helen :
1 Susanne Pamela Boissevain, born on 23-10-1958 in Poughkeepsie (New York) Follow
2 David Clark Boissevain, born on 21-05-1960 in Concord (Massachusetts) Follow Susanne Pamela Boissevain was born on 23-10-1958 in Poughkeepsie (New York), daughter of Thomas Alfred Boissevain and Helen Bratton Lightfoot. Susanne married Elliott Rothchild. Elliott was born on 11-05-1957 in New Haven (Connecticut). David Clark Boissevain was born on 21-05-1960 in Concord (Massachusetts), son of Thomas Alfred Boissevain and Helen Bratton Lightfoot. David married, at the age of 29 years, on 14-10-1989 in Ridgefield (Connecticut) Kathleen Sinnott

Child of David and Kathleen :
1 Clark Anthony Boissevain, born on 28-02-1991. André Robert Boissevain was born on 11-11-1932 in Welwyn (Hert-fordshire), son of Cornelis Alfred Boissevain and Mildred Sophie Goerwitz. André :
(1) married Judith Richelieu
(2) married, at the age of 26 years, on 07-12-1958 in South Hero (Vermont) Alice Harvey, aged 26 years. Alice was born on 28-10-1932 in St. AJbans (Vermont). Alice died. Alice died. 

Children of André and Alice :
1 Andrea Lee Boissevain, born on 10-08-1960 in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) Follow
2 Dana Gideon Boissevain, born on 07-01-1961 in Upper Darby (Pennsylvania) Follow
3 Mark Boissevain, born on 19-12-1964 in New Haven (Connecticut). 
4 Maria Boissevain, born on 21-02-1968. Maria died on 21-02-1968. Andrea Lee Boissevain was born on 10-08-1960 in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), daughter of André Robert Boissevain and Alice Harvey. Andrea married, at the age of 24 years, on 25-08-1984 in Poughkeepsie (New York) Samuel Mickle Fox IV, aged 28 years. Samuel was born on 09-09-1955 in Cairo (Egypte). 

2.3.2 Dana Gideon Boissevain was born on 07-01-1961 in Upper Darby (Pennsylvania), son of André Robert Boissevain and Alice Harvey. Dana married, at the age of 2 months, on 14-03-1961 in Nani Newton Delia Bunch

Child of Dana and Delia :
1 Eric Michael Boissevain, born on 18-07-1991.
Child of Dana from an unknown relation :
1 Brandy Lee Boissevain, born on 10-07-1986.

4.3 Frederick William Boissevain was born on 13-09-1904 in Batavia, son of Robert Walrave Boissevain and Ethel Rose Phibbs. Frederick died on 23-06-1943 on Canada, at the age of 38 years (cause: Ongeval tijdens legeroefening). Frederick died. Frederick married Marion Bishop. Marion was born on 19-03-1908 in Hartford, daughter of Hartley Bishop and Jeanette Reynolds. Marion died. Marion died. 

Children of Frederick and Marion :
1 Kathleen Boissevain, born on 25-11-1937 in Hartford (Connecticut) 
2 Frederic H. Boissevain, born on 29-04-1939 in Hartford.

431 Kathleen Boissevain was born on 25-11-1937 in Hartford (Connecticut), daughter of Frederick William Boissevain and Marion Bishop. Kathleen married William P. Chilton. William was born on 08-09-1939. 

432 Frederic H. Boissevain was born on 29-04-1939 in Hartford, son of Frederick William Boissevain and Marion Bishop. Frederic :
(1) married, at the age of 38 years, in 1977 Danae Voltos, aged 38 years. Danae was born in 1939. 
(2) married, at the age of 50 years, on 17-02-1990 Jane Revere Rotch, aged 30 years. Jane was born on 31-10-1959. 

Child of Frederic and Danae :
1 Elizabeth Danae Boissevain, born on 03-07-1978.
Child of Frederic and Jane :
1 Jeremy Revere Boissevain, born on 13-08-1993.

44 Hester Boissevain was born on 23-10-1905 in Naarden, daughter of Robert Walrave Boissevain and Ethel Rose Phibbs. Hester died on 18-02-1999 on Zoetermeer, at the age of 93 years. Hester died. Hester married, at the age of 23 years, on 02-01-1929 in Hilversum Gilles André de la Porte, aged 27 years. The marriage was dissolved on 11-04-1938 in Hilversum. Gilles was born on 04-11-1901 in Amsterdam, son of Josef de la Porte and Anna Maria Sophia Luise Lang. Gilles died on 21-12-1968 on Leiden, at the age of 67 years. Gilles died. 

45 Adrienne Boissevain was born on 27-04-1908 in Amsterdam, daughter of Robert Walrave Boissevain and Ethel Rose Phibbs. Adrienne died on 23-02-1988 on Amsterdam, at the age of 79 years. Adrienne died. Adrienne married, at the age of 23 years, on 14-01-1932 in Hilversum Christiaan Knapper, aged 33 years. Christiaan was born on 17-04-1898 in Amsterdam, daughter of Nicolaas Knapper and Cornelia Elisabeth Schaap. Christiaan died on 09 Nov 1950 on Djakarta, at the age of 52 years. Christiaan died. 

46 Robert Fergus Boissevain was born on 27-11-1920 in Parijs, son of Robert Walrave Boissevain and Anne Willemina Deterling. Robert married, at 28, on 25-06-1949 in Brooklyn (New York) Eleanor E. O´Brien, who was born on 10-10 (year unknown), daughter of John J. O´Brien and Mary E. Walsh. Eleanor died on 08 Jul 1996. Robert died on 05 May 1997 in Florida, at 76.

Children of Robert and Eleanor :
1 Robert Eugen Boissevain, born on 18-01-1953 in (Long Island, New York) Follow 4.6.1
2 Patricia Maureen Boissevain, born on 13-05-1954 in (Long Island, New York). 
3 Anne Marie Boissevain, born on 13-07-1961 in (Long Island).

461 Robert Eugen Boissevain was born on 18-01-1953 in (Long Island, New York), son of Robert Fergus Boissevain and Eleanor E. O´Brien. Robert married, at the age of 29 years, on 18-04-1982 in Californië Lori Peterson

Child of Robert and Lori :
1 Lauren Nicole Boissevain, born on 29-07-1984.

47 Alfred Gideon Jérémie Boissevain was born on 07-02-1923 in New York, son of Robert Walrave Boissevain and Anne Willemina Deterling. Alfred died. Alfred died. Alfred married Hedvig Christine Hogg. Hedvig was born on 01-08-1924 in St. Catherines (Ontario), daughter of Robert Hogg and Martha Christina Gjersvik. Al and Hedvig ran a vineyard together. Hedvig died on 03-09-1998 on Californië (USA), at the age of 74. Al moved to Bloomington, Ind., to be near his daughter Claire.

Children of Alfred and Hedvig :
1 Claire Boissevain, born on 20-01-1952 in Redwood City (Calif.) 
2 Paul Robert Boissevain, born on 02-06-1954 in Redwood City
3 Charles Alfred Boissevain, born on 02-12-1959 in Redwood City.

471 Claire Boissevain was born on 20-01-1952 in Redwood City (Californië), daughter of Alfred Gideon Jérémie Boissevain and Hedvig Christine Hogg. Claire :
(1) married, at the age of 28 years, on 25-05-1980 George Makowski. The marriage was dissolved 01-1988. 
(2) married, at 36, on 21-06-1988 in Bloomington (Indiana) Philip A. Crooke. She continues to live there.

472 Paul Robert Boissevain was born on 02-06-1954 in Redwood City, son of Alfred Gideon Jérémie Boissevain and Hedvig Christine Hogg. Paul married, at the age of 26 years, on 08-06-1980 in Portola Valley, Calif. Laura de Ghetaldi, aged 26 years. Laura was born on 17-06-1953 in San Francisco, Calif., daughter of Guido Oscar de Ghetaldi and Evelyn Lenore Gardner. 

Children of Paul and Laura :
1 Joshua Blake Boissevain, born on 06-01-1983 in Denver (Colorado). 
2 Brett Lawrence Boissevain, born on 13-01-1986 in Denver.

5 Hester Boissevain was born on 16-08-1873 in Driebergen, daughter of Charles Boissevain and Emily Héloïse MacDonnell. Hester died on 03-10-1969 on Hattem, at the age of 96 years. Hester married, at the age of 21 years, on 07-03-1895 in Amsterdam Jan van Hall, aged 28 years. Jan was born on 10-11-1866 in Amsterdam, son of Maurits Cornelis van Hall and Debora Cremer Eindhoven. Jan died on 08-02-1940 in Zwolle, at 73. 

6 Olga Emily Boissevain was born on 27-10-1875 in Amsterdam, daughter of Charles Boissevain and Emily Héloïse MacDonnell. Olga died on 01-06-1949 in Montreal (Quebec), at 73. Olga married, at 30, on 28-08-1906 in Naarden Abraham Johannes van Stockum, aged 42. Abraham was born on 03-07-1864 in Lisse, son of Johannes van Stockum and Sophia Clara Emelia Lastdrager. Abraham died on 29-12-1935 in ´s-Gravenhage, at 71. 
Children of Olga and Abraham: 1 Jan van Stockum. Jan died 1948.2 Hilda van Stockum, born on 09-02-1908 in Rotterdam. 3 Willem van Stockum, born in 1911. Willem died on June 10, 1944 in Laval, France, at 33.
61 Hilda van Stockum was born on 09-02-1908 in Rotterdam, daughter of Abraham Johannes van Stockum and Olga Emily Boissevain. Hilda died on 01-11-2006 in Berkhamsted, at 98. Hilda married, at 24, on 27-06-1932 in Dublin, Ireland, E. R. (Spike) Marlin, aged 23. Spike was born in New York, N.Y. in 1909. Spike died in 1994, at 85.
Children of Hilda and Spike:1 Olga Emily Marlin. Born 1934 in New York, N.Y.2 Brigid Nella Marlin. Born 1936 in Washington, D.C.3 Randal Marlin. Born 1938 in Washington, D.C.4 Sheila Ruth Marlin. Born 1940 in Washington, D.C.5 John Tepper Marlin. Born March 1, 1942 in Washington, D.C.6 Elisabeth Willemien Marlin. Born April 23, 1945 in Washington, D.C.
7 Hilda Gerarda Boissevain was born on 12-07-1877 in Amsterdam, daughter of Charles Boissevain and Emily Héloïse MacDonnell. Hilda died on 15-04-1975 on Amsterdam, at the age of 97 years. Hilda married, at the age of 19 years, on 16-06-1897 in Naarden Hendrik (“Han”) de Booij, aged 29. Hendrik was born on 23-06-1867 in Haarlem, son of Chrétien Jean Gerard de Booij and Adriane Johanna de Mol van Otterloo. Han died on 07-09-1964 in Amsterdam, at 97. 

8 Eugen Jan Boissevain was born on 20-05-1880 in Amsterdam, son of Charles Boissevain and Emily Héloïse MacDonnell. Eugen died on 29-08-1949 on Boston (Massachusetts), at the age of 69 years. Eugen :
(1) married, at the age of 33 years, on 14-07-1913 in London Inez Milholland, aged 26 years. Inez was born on 06-08-1886 in New York, daughter of John W. Milholland and Jean Torrey. Inez died on 25-11-1916 on Los Angeles (Californië), at 30. 
(2) married, at the age of 43, 07-1923 in New York Edna St. Vincent Millay, aged 31. Edna was born on 22-02-1892 in Rockland (Maine), daughter of Henry Tolman St. Millay and Cora Buzzell. Edna died on 19-10-1950 in Austerlitz (New York), at the age of 58. 

9 Petronella Johanna (“Nella”) Boissevain was born on 24-12-1881 in Amsterdam, daughter of Charles Boissevain and Emily Héloïse MacDonnell. Petronella died on 03-12-1956 on Leeuwarden, at the age of 74 years. Petronella married, at 33 years, on 20-05-1915 in Soerabaja (Oost-Java) Eduard Theodoor Hissink, aged 32 years. Eduard was born on 20-04-1883 in Grave, son of Evert Teunis Hissink and Willemine Hendrika Hess. Eduard died on 28-02-1959 on Leeuwarden, at the age of 75 years. 

A Jan Maurits Boissevain was born the 10th child on 05-02-1883 in Amsterdam, son of Charles Boissevain and Emily Héloïse MacDonnell. Jan died on 08-11-1964 on Antibes (Alpes-Maritimes), at the age of 81. Jan married Charlotta Ives. Charlotta was born on 27-11-1897 in Boston (Massachusetts), daughter of Charles Ives and Lake White. Charlotta died in the Cap d'Antibes. I met her in 1964.

B Catharina Josephina (“Teau”) Boissevain was born the 11th child on 23-01-1885 in Amsterdam, youngest child of Charles Boissevain and Emily Héloïse MacDonnell. Catharina died on 01-09-1922 on Amsterdam, at only 37 years of age. Catharina married, at 22, on 27-06-1907 in Naarden Lieven Ferdinand de Beaufort, aged 28. Lieven was born 23-03-1879 in Leusden, son of Willem Hendrik de Beaufort and Adèle Maria van Eeghen. Lieven died on 11-05-1968 in Amersfoort, at 89. 


1. This is what genealogists call a Family Group, one of the two main organizational devices, the other being the Pedigree. (The Pedigree starts with a person today and works backward through parents and grandparents.) 
2. I have attempted to pursue accepted genealogical notation and principles, updated to minimize Roman numerals, which are impossible (or at best inconvenient and difficult) to sort. 
3. Numbering System. The late Matthijs (Thijs) Boissevain after the Boissevain family reunion a quarter-century ago in Boissevain, Manitoba, Canada. He used the Henry Numbering System for keeping track of individuals in Family Groups. I have modified the Henry system slightly so that it is both simple and sortable, using 1-9 for the first nine children and then using the alphabet for the next 26 children. This eliminates the need for periods between numbers at least for families with no more than 35 children in a single generation, which in a monogamous family is a fair bet.
4. Modifications. I have also modified the list prepared in favor of making the numbering system sortable by computer. I have also (a) updated Thijs's list where I have better or newer information, (b)  trimmed some duplicative words,
5. Dates. I have used European format for dates, i.e., dd-mmm (three-character, no period)-yyyy, following genealogical convention. 
6. Order of Surnames. I have also placed maiden names before married names as in Anglo-Saxon (as opposed to Dutch and Spanish) tradition.
7. Non-Patriarchal. I have included both men and women in the numbering system.numbering.
8. Dropped Prefixes. After six generations  I have dropped the prefix 1111316 identifying Charles, for simplicity.
9. Weighted to More Ancient Ancestors. Since the older generations are the most valued, with more descendants, I have made taken most pains to be inclusive about sources for these individuals. I have tried to be brief about living people, who can speak for themselves.
10. Comments. Please send comments, corrections, additions to me at or comment on this post!

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