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ART | HvS Collections, Exhibits, Sales (Updated Nov. 7, 2016)

This is a preliminary draft of Hilda van Stockum archives and gallery collections. Her archives are scattered all over the world. My interest is initially just getting as complete list as possible of locations with website links or addresses. Later I or someone else can fill in details about the contents and encourage each location to keep a list of where other sources are, so that followers of HvS's art and writing can track down sources without having to engage in wild goose chases.

Collections with the most substantial volume or value of HvS art or papers are in bold face. I including here a few references to locations focused on HvS's husband E. R. Marlin as well. Donors of art or papers are encouraged to concentrate gifts in places where archives and collections are already located, or at least to notify me so that I can include all locations in this list. Sellers of HvS art or papers may find it useful to identify where previous such sales have occurred.

National Gallery of Art, Dublin
Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin
Dublin Writers Museum, Parnell Square North, Dublin
Commercial art galleries and auction houses: deVeres.

National Museum of American Illustrators, Newport, R.I. (also has art of Brigid Marlin)
May Massee Collection, Emporia State University, Emporia, Kansas (May Massee started the children's divisions of two major publishers - Doubleday and then Viking).
National Portrait Gallery, Washington, DC. Has painting by HvS.
National Archives, Washington, DC. ERM papers from World War II when he was in the OSS..
FDR Library, Hyde Park, NY. ERM-related papers.
de Grummond Children's Literature Library, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, Miss. Has a huge volume of HvS papers. The de Grummond Library seems to be a major center of the University.
John and Alice Tepper Marlin, Collection of Art by HvS, NYC, East Hampton, Vero Beach, USA
Archives of Viking Press
Archives of Farrar Straus & Giroux
Archives of Harper Brothers (HarperCollins)
Many private collectors not yet listed
Library of Congress, Washington, DC
New York Public Library
Web sites:, Boissevain Family site, this blog site.

Randal and Elaine Marlin, Ottawa, Canada

Kianda College, Nairobi, Kenya. (Churches and chapels. Kimlea. Olga Marlin has been totally committed to Kianda since the 1960s.)

Lis and Cliff Paice, London and Stratford-upon-Avon
Brigid Marlin, Collection of Art by HvS, Berkhamsted, Herts.
Sheila O'Neill, High Elms Manor, Garston, Herts.

John Tepper Marlin, Ph.D.
Executor, Estate of Hilda van Stockum Marlin
(+1)212-924-3280 or (+1)646-250-4915 .

Saturday, October 10, 2015

KIDS | Brigid's 80th in Ottawa (Postscript Oct. 22)

Brigid and her "Nearly 80" birthday cake.
OTTAWA, Ontario, Canada, October 10, 2015. It is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada and it is a Marlin family reunion.

We thankfully celebrated the birthday of Hilda van Stockum's second child, Brigid Marlin, at lunch today.

Her 80th birthday actually does not occur until January, but we are taking advantage of the confluence of three Marlin siblings and four more in the next generation to start celebrating.

The cake reads "Happy Birthday Brigid, Nearly 80".

Brigid was coming from the opening in Montreal of an extensive exhibit sponsored by the international artists' group that she founded, the Society for Art of Imagination. She is the author of A Meaning for Danny and The Box House, and illustrated Hilda van Stockum's book King Oberon's Forest.

Château Laurier in Ottawa, where the birthday party was
held with eight people named Marlin and one other. One
more Marlin arrives for dinner with a family of four more,
Randal and Elaine have two sons and a daughter already visiting - Alex, Nick and Margie - and another daughter arriving later today (Christine, with Michael Schintgen and their three children).

The event was in the Wilfrid Restaurant of the Fairmont Château Laurier Hotel.

The birthday party was attended by the three Marlin siblings - Brigid, Randal and me - and two spouses (Elaine and Alice), plus three of Randal and Elaine's six children visiting for Thanksgiving - Alex, Margie and Nick - and Nick's significant other, Taeko. The other five are arriving this afternoon in time for a turkey dinner.

Brigid's "Nearly 80" Birthday Party in Ottawa. L to R: Alex, Alice, Margie, John, BRIGID, Randal, Taeko, Elaine, Nick.

Not Wilfrid Laurier - Randal Marlin.

Both the restaurant and the hotel are named after Sir Henri Charles Wilfrid Laurier, a great man in Canadian history.

Who was he?

Wilfrid Laurier was not the man at the left, who is Randal Marlin, a professor of philosophy at Carleton University, an expert on propaganda (author of Propaganda and the Ethics of Persuasion, now in its second edition) and my brother.

Sir Henri Charles Wilfrid Laurier, 1916.
Rather, Laurier is Canada's Quebec-raised 7th Prime Minister (1896-1911) -its first francophone Prime Minister - the man in the carriage at right, who was prime minister of Canada immediately before World War I. One of the two ladies next him is his wife Zoé, Lady Laurier, after whom the piano bar-lounge at the Château Laurier is named.

Laurier was a Liberal, elected and re-elected  over a 15-year period until the Great War. Conservatives then ruled until 1917, when the Liberals came back and stayed in office until 1984. (Postscript - October 22 - the Liberals are back with Justin Trudeau.)

Laurier was voted Canada's best-ever prime minister, according to a 2011 poll by Maclean's Magazine. His portrait is on the Canadian $5 bill.

Here is a photo of the Marlin Family in Canada in 1950 or 1951. If it was May 1951, I was nine and Elisabeth was six.

The Marlins in Montreal, about 1951. Our ages ranged from six to 16.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

KIN | Boissevain Reunion, April 16-17, 2016, Amsterdam

The Boissevain Family Reunions seem to occur every five years.
  • Reunion 9 was in Boissevain, Manitoba, in 2006.
  • Reunion 10 was in Amsterdam in 2011.
Below is the first of the five pages of a newsletter that Aviva Boissevain prepared after the 10th Reunion. If there is any interest (email me) I will post the other four pages or will provide a link if it is already posted.

PRIZE | Keating/McLaughlin Award–Query

One of Hilda van Stockum's "Three Bottles"  still lifes.
 © Estate of Hilda van Stockum. Photo shown here
by kind permission of the Estate.
The Keating/McLaughlin Award for Outstanding Art Work is awarded every year - a Silver Medal and a cash prize of €3,000 awarded by the ESB (Electricity Supply Board).

My mother won this medal in 1989 but no one can remember which of her paintings won the award.  Three paintings were submitted:

1. Three Islandic Poppies
2. Orchids & Jamine
3. Three Bottles

If you have any information about which it was, and possibly a photo of the painting, the ESB would like to have it.