Wednesday, October 4, 2017

CONTEST | Winner

The Prizes Are Presented to the Winner at the Oxford
Home of Brigid's Son Chris Oakley, Who Looks On.
September 20, 2017. Photo by Alice Tepper Marlin.
The results of the first Hilda van Stockum contest are in.

The prize was for finding the most error in a short biographical sketch of Hilda van Stockum.

The winner is BRIGID MARLIN of Berkhamsted, Herts.

1. "Dutch children’s book" writer. Ambiguous. She wrote in English. Only two of her books have been translated into Dutch.
2. Olga should be Hilda. 
3. Hilda had six children (Olga, Brigid, Randal, Sheila, John, Lis), wrong birth order.
4. In the photo the order of names is unclear and Mother is left out,
5. Below the photo, the name of the organization is wrong the "Society of Art of Imagination" -should be "for" Art of Imagination.
6. Society name again wrong – in "Art Imagination" the OF is left out.
7. Inaccurate –"Psychic Subjects"? Does he mean Psychological Subjects? We didn't deal with ghosts & other phenomenon
8. Firsthand – she didn't know the war stories firsthand. She was in the USA during the war. Her sources had information firsthand; for her it was secondhand.
9. Dihon?
10. "A Day on Skate"- missing the final "s".

OTHER ERRORS (To be added at leisure.)
1. John Tepper Marlin is called John Boissevain twice.

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