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SHEILA O'NEILL | Family Lunch – Oct. 14, 2017

L to R: David Hall, Brian Pigott, Jack Ray on the terrace of High Elms Manor before
the family lunch in memory of Sheila Marlin O'Neill. All photos by JT Marlin.

L to R: Sue Hall, Jill Ray, Sita Pigott.
Table 7. Lis and Cliff Paice and Sheila Petrie Leech.

L to R: Sheila Petrie Leech, Jack Ray, Randal Marlin
 (in back) at the lunch at High Elms Manor.
October 14, 2017 – The family lunch on Saturday was in the same room at High Elms Manor as the funeral reception the day before.

It is also the room where the funeral reception was held for Hilda van Stockum Marlin in November 2006. Quite a few of the people who attended today were at the previous memorial meal eleven years ago.
A special guest today was Sheila Petrie Leech, one of Sheila's life-long friends from the days in 1951-54 when we lived in Blackrock and Dalkey in the Dublin area.

                   Table 5. Montessori School table.

Lis was the last member of the family to talk with Sheila before she died, and Lis was asked to make special mention of Sheila Leech at the memorial service as someone as someone she remembered with special fondness, along with Hazel Irwin and Eithne O'Neill, who were not able to attend the memorial events.

Table 5. Montessori teachers.

Whereas the High Elms Montessori School was most visibly represented by many pupils at the Funeral Mass, today the school was represented by a table full of teachers and others involved in running the school.

Jonathan Willoughby and Phoenix Hawkins-O'Neill.

Jonathan Willoughby and Phoenix Hawkins-O'Neill performed a reprise of the song that she sang and he accompanied on the guitar at the Crematorium service.

The song was "Singing Angel" by Sarah McLachlan.

The acoustics were superior today at High Elms Manor and I was able to make out more of the words of the lovely song than yesterday.

The last two lines are:
You're in the arms of the angel
May you find some comfort here.
, Catrine O'Neill.

Table 4

Two Friends of Ailise, Ailise O'Neill.

Table 7. Brian Pigott, Brigid Marlin, Lis Paice. Note that the catering staff member was
moving around so fast she appears as a blur.
L to R: Sita Pigott, Brigid Marlin, David Hall on the terrace of High Elms Manor.

Table 7. Jack and Jill Ray, Sita Pigott.

Jonathan Willoughby and sister
Janet Willoughby.

Old Movies, Inside.

Angela and Vojislav Mihailovic.


Table 4

, Anna.
Anthony Newell, Gini Zdesar.

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Name Index, Family Lunch
Blanchard-O’Neill, Oscar
Hall, David
Hall, Sue
Hawkins-O’Neill, Phoenix
High Elms Manor
High Elms Montessori School
Hilton-O'Neill, Cian 
Hilton-O’Neill, Fin 
Marlin, Brigid
Marlin, Elaine O’Brien
Marlin, Hilda van Stockum
Marlin, John Tepper
Marlin, Olga
Marlin, Randal
Marlin, Sheila
Mihailovic, Alex
Mihailovic, Angela
Mihailovic, Vojislav
Newell, Anthony
Northcott, Max
O'Neill, Ailise
O'Neill, Catrine
O'Neill, Liadain
O'Neill, Roisin
O’Neill, Sheila Marlin
Oakley, Desmond
Paice, Cliff
Paice, Lis
Petrie, Sheila
Pigott, Brian
Pigott, Sita
Ray, Jack
Ray, Jill
van Stockum, Hilda
Willoughby-O’Neill, Zodiac 
Willoughby, Janet
Willoughby, Jonathan
Zdesar, Gini

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