Friday, September 22, 2017

SHEILA O'NEILL | Visit in Watford, Sept. 20

L to R: Sheila, Brigid, Alice and Chris (Brigid's
son). Photo by JT Marlin.
Sept. 22, 2017 – My sister Sheila Marlin O'Neill retired in July for health reasons as Principal of the High Elms Manor Montessori School.

This was after 50 years of teaching and educational administration. High Elms Manor is in Garston, near Watford.

She is now being well looked after at the hospital in Watford. Her four daughters Roisin, Catrine, Lili and Ailise visit her in turns.

Alice and I went with Brigid and her son Chris on Wednesday (visiting hours are from 4 pm), and arrived as Sheila's youngest daughter Ailise was leaving.

L to R: Sheila, Brigid and John, three of the six children
of Spike and Hilda van Stockum Marlin. (Photo by
Alice Tepper Marlin, five days before Sheila died.)

Sheila asked us: "Tell me stories."

Sheila and her daughters had their 15+ minutes of fame six years ago as they and their home, High Elms Manor, were the subject of episodes of Country House Rescue, the popular British television show.

The family received great compliments from the show's host, Ruth Watson. She said that no other country house rescuers had been so responsive to her suggestions.

Postscript: Sheila died on September 25. 

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