Friday, October 14, 2016

THE BORROWED HOUSE | Family Portrait

"The Six Daughters of Charles E. H. Boissevain," by Thérèse
Schwartze (1852-1918).
In Chapter 4 of The Borrowed House, Janna comes upon the family portrait of the van Arkels, who owned the house before the Occupation in 1940.

The house is now occupied by a German family with connections to Seyss-Inquart as well as by Janna and her parents.

Do we have any idea whether this portrait, to which Hilda van Stockum devotes a full page, is based on a real one?

Early in the 20th century a portrait was painted that was similar to the one that HvS describes. It was  done by Thérèse Schwartze, who was a fashionable painter of portraits in Amsterdam. The children are the nieces of my grandmother Olga Boissevain, so they would be first cousins of my mother.

My original thought was that my mother had in mind a portrait in the van Loon museum, But these portraits are older.

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  1. Best guess about the family portrait that Hilda van Stockum had in mind in Chapter 4 of "The Borrowed House" is Thérèse Schwartz's portrait of "The Six Daughters of Charles E. H. Boissevain". These daughters would be first cousins of HvS.