Tuesday, June 7, 2016

HvS | Links to Her and Sibs, Ancestors

I have been writing about Hilda van Stockum's relatives in different places. Here are links to these posts:

Herself: Her Art . Her Books, Publishers . Her Conversion 

Brother: Willem van Stockum – Book about him: Time Bomber

Father: Bram van Stockum – Expedition to Surinam . 

Mother: Olga Boissevain van Stockum

Aunts: Tante Hessie (Hester Boissevain van Hall) . 
Tante Teau (Catharina Josephine Boissevain de Beaufort)

Uncles: Oom Eugen (Eugen Jan Boissevain)

Grandfather: Charles Boissevain

Grandmother: Emily Heloïse MacDonnell Boissevain

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