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HvS BIO | Outline and Links to Chapters

Here is a first draft of an outline of a biography of Hilda van Stockum. A significant beginning has already been made through the typing up of letters and their posting. The website also has many useful links and posts. Ideas appreciated -

1. Olga Boissevain and Her Family - The Boissevains and the MacDonnells.
Charles and Emily Boissevain, My Mother’s Parents
Olga Boissevain, My Mother

2. Bram van Stockum and the van Stockums.
My Father’s Naval Career
World War I
My Father’s Teaching 
Blockade, 1916 
My Father in USA
Father Returns from USA

3. Hilda's Childhood - Java.
Mother Leaves for Switzerland 1912
The Great War
Mother's letters from Java.

4. Growing Up in Holland - Religion
Finding Religion in Hans Christian Andersen
Aunt Teau

5. Art School in Amsterdam.
Her Emergence as an Artist

6. Art School in Dublin.The van Stockum family went to Dublin when Hilda was 16, i.e., in 1924, because of the connection with the Jameson family. Billy Kirkwood, a famous polo player, was married to Harriet (Harrie) Jameson. They lived in Clontarf/Clondarf.

7. Marriage to Spike Marlin.

8. The 1930s.
1934 - Olga born and A Day on Skates appears
Brigid and Randal born
Irish books - May Massee her editor

9. World War II and Its Aftermath.
Sheila, John, Lis born
Kersti and St. Nicholas
Winged Watchman and Borrowed House

Willem's letters, death in France

Hilda van Stockum -‎ News, July 24, 2007: Book Featuring HvS's Brother

Willem Jacob van Stockum. David Toomey's book, New Time Travelers (New York: W.W. Norton, 2007), has ...

  1. HvS from ERM 1943-46 - BOISSEVAIN NEWS USA

    DUBLIN. February 2, 1943. Dearest Hilda,. Your letter No. 15 arrived to my great ... Last night I had dinner with Harry and Billy [Kirkwood], Eric and Monica ..... Then Willem moved around the corner to the room with the lovely view over Clontarf.
10. The 1950s. Europe.
Ireland. Beulah
Visit to Laval to Willem's gravesite
Olga joins Opus Dei
Randal at Princeton
Brigid, Sheila,Lis in Hemel/Berko

11. The 1960s.

12. The 1970s.

13. The 1980s.

14. The 1990s - Spike's death

15. Her Last Years and Death in 2006. Her funeral and Guest Book.

16. An Appreciation of Her Art.

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