Wednesday, December 14, 2011

LITTLE OLD BEAR | Meet Jeremy Bear

The books of Hilda van Stockum are filled with vivid characters. Here is one of them, the book he is in, and a description of the story line that brings the character alive.

Jeremy Bear of Little Old Bear has lived a long life and is discarded, cohabiting in an attic with mice and spiders. A lady is sweeping out the attic and throws out the little old bear. He has no eyes but with ears... and emotions. He is tossed out in a garbage can and feels bereft. Even the birds and dogs reject him because he has little fur left and nothing for them to eat. Some boys play with him but get tired of it and toss him over a wall. A girl picks him up and seats him with her dolls but he has nothing to say to them. She also gets bored with him and tosses him over another wall. Fortunately, this time the bear lands on an elderly lady who is at first annoyed but then apologizes because she sees the bear is blind. She takes pity on him, brings him home and gives him new eyes. Now the bear can see, and sits by a window, looking outside, pining for a friend. The lady is preparing to give him away to the church bazaar. But before she gives him away, her favorite grandson Benjamin comes home. The meeting between Benjamin and Jeremy is love at first sight. Benjamin tosses away the characterless new bear he had been given (Benjamin couldn't think of a name to give it) and welcomes the little old bear into his arms. "He is more interesting," he says to his grandmother. "You may give the other bear to the church bazaar. I want this one. His name is Jeremy."

This book about rejection and acceptance will bring tears to the eyes of both grandchildren and their grandparents.

It's also about getting new eyes - a good gift for eye surgeons and their families!

Reviewed in the East Hampton Star and discussed in an interview on “Sullivan’s Travels”, a talk show on LTV in East Hampton.

Available from Amazon for $8.95 (free shipping for orders above $25 to a single U.S. address). Preview (“LOOK INSIDE”) available. 

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